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Datacenter Vs Residential Proxies – Which Should You Choose And Why?

Residential proxies and data center proxies are used for hiding the IP address of a user. There are both considered to be anonymous and legitimate. Still, some people prefer residential proxies, while others prefer data center proxies.

What is the difference between residential Proxies and datacenter proxies & Which one is Best for you?

In this article, you will learn the basic differences and similarities between the two. Keep on reading if you want to find out the argument over residential vs datacenter proxies and what is best for you.  

What is a Datacenter Proxy?

datacenter proxies are one of the most commonly used and popular proxies. These proxies can hide the IP address and they have got nothing to do with the internet service provider. These proxies are independent of the user’s ISP. The IP address is not linked to a specific place. The proxy database consists of the data center IP range.

Why Use datacenter proxies?

Most of the websites use cookies so that they can identify the IP address of the user. The IP address can pinpoint the exact location where you reside in and it can be very valuable for websites. Many people want to have their privacy when they use the internet and want their geographical location to be private.

datacenter proxies help internet users to remain anonymous and have a safe experience online. The users can unlock content from other countries by using a proxy service linked to a data center to hide the IP address. The best data center proxies will assure that internet users are safe and protected online from these websites. You must buy data center proxies because they are an effective way to deal with this trouble.

Datacenter proxy

Advantages of Datacenter Proxies

When it comes to data center proxies, they are incredibly affordable and offer a fast connection speed. The servers are engineered so that they can support the connection with many users.

1. Availability

Datacenter proxies are the most available proxies out there as they are not affiliated with any internet service provider. Since a secondary corporation offers them, they are authentic and provides you with huge anonymity.

2. Geo-Restricted Content

Many websites can restrict the content from appearing in the search results in various countries. This is why people use data center proxies as they help in IP allocation for data centers and allow users to fake their location. They can connect to a datacenter proxy and view the Geo-Restricted content.

3. Price

datacenter proxies are cheap and affordable. The prices can vary from 0.5 dollars for 1 GB of traffic to more. When talking about residential vs datacenter proxies, without a doubt datacenter proxies are cheaper and the best option in the market as far as costs are concerned.

4. Speed

Datacenter proxies are faster. However, the speed to act should be optimum as too fast speed can also get you blocked. The users can get the best and fastest dc proxies by choosing the location around the target. 

5. Better Flexibility

data center service provider will offer you unlimited threads along with connections. When you combine these with residential proxies, you can get advanced flexibility.

6. A large number of IP addresses

data center proxies can offer many data center IP ranges to internet users. 

7. High-performance

These proxies offer high performance as only one user uses a datacenter IP address at a time. For better performance, you can also try fast residential proxies.

What is a Residential Proxy?

Residential proxies will provide IP addresses that will be connected to actual residential addresses. This makes it impossible for websites to ban them. This is why people buy residential proxies over datacenter proxies as they offer guaranteed anonymity without any risks of getting banned. When a user buys a residential proxy, they will efficiently hide their real IP address and access the geo-blocked content. You can keep reading further if you want to understand a detailed Residential proxy meaning and its uses and advantages.

Why Use Residential proxies?

Unlike the datacenter proxies, residential proxies are the resident IP addresses offered by the internet service provider to internet users. These proxies are legitimate addresses that are attached to a specific physical location. The reason why you must use the Residential proxy’s unlimited IP addresses because they offer high anonymity and a low blocking rate. bandwidth also plays an important role in hiding the IP address effectively.


Advantages of Residential Proxies

By getting Residential proxies, you can be protected online. Residential proxy servers will behave like a catalyst between the user system and their internet.

1. Switch between many Instagram accounts

You can buy residential proxies for Instagram as these proxies give the users a real identity on an online platform by hiding the original IP address. This will also make it easier for the users to scale their Instagram marketing through proper management for accounts. Get plans for residential proxies for Instagram.

2. Unblock geo-blocked content

The best residential proxy providers for traffic will come between the users and the websites they are trying to reach. The proxies will be the middlemen that will grant the users a different IP and then it will redirect the users to that website.3

3. Legitimate

Most of the websites find residential proxies more reliable and trustworthy than datacenter proxies because they are connected to the original addresses. Many websites can detect proxy and block access. Since a residential proxy has a lower block rate and is legitimate, they are preferred more.

4. Less Possibility of Getting Blocked / Harder to get them blacklisted

Residential proxies are less prone to blacklists and blocking. They are more expensive so naturally, they maintain high anonymity than datacenter proxies.

5. High Anonymity

The residential proxies are incredibly anonymous. They are not traceable or detectable. Residential proxy networks will keep your identity hidden online. 

6. No Chance of Detection

The best residential proxy service will ensure that the IP addresses are not easily traced. Residential proxies come in handy as they are more discreet than datacenter proxies.

7. Better for harvesting data

Residential proxies are best for harvesting data in huge quantities. Residential IP address proxy will not trigger security alarms.

Residential vs datacenter proxies

With the use of a data center proxy, the IP address will be traced to a corporation or the datacenter associated. Whereas, a residential proxy will associate the IP address with an actual home. This is why according to residential vs datacenter proxies comparisons, residential proxies are much suited and effective. 

1. Cost-effective

Datacenter proxies are cheap, but it is hard to acquire a residential IP address. You can get cheap residential proxies plans as well.

2. Anonymity

You can now upscale your business by using fast and anonymous residential proxies. It comes with over a million IPs, 24/7 help and support, and flexible pricing. The best residential proxy service will offer customer support and assistance to the users.

3. Efficiency         

High efficiency and speed, fast residential proxies will make gaining access to the data simple. 

4. Legitimacy

Residential proxies will offer reliable, trustworthy, and legitimate proxy servers that internet providers usually offer to homeowners. The residential IP address also is untraceable.

5. Variety of locations

The service providers use different locations and Residential IP addresses in rotations. This is to avoid detection and bot flagging in the geographical restrictions.

6. Global reach

Residential bots can appear like genuine human users; therefore, they will scrap several global websites for significant information and deals. It will become easy to hide from the hackers through the best residential proxies for Sneaker bots

7. Boost Ad verification

The users can use the best residential proxy providers for traffic to protect their business from malicious bots and fake advertisements that claim revenue.


In conclusion, Residential proxies are more suited for internet users who want to stay anonymous online. These proxies will keep you protected from hackers who can have simple access to the IP address. They will also protect the IP address from the websites that can infiltrate the user’s computer or network.


1. How to make your residential proxies?

You can watch tutorials online to learn how to make residential proxies. You can also talk to your internet service provider.

2. Can residential proxies be used for search engine scraping?

Residential proxies can be used for search engine scraping as they provide IP addresses of unique devices.

3. How to Use a Datacenter IP

You can download the proxy database to detect the public IP for the data center. 

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