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  • There are no bandwidth limitations for our proxiesforrent service and the plan you select will depend on the amount of threads you can use.
  • If you require GEO targeted IPs buy our location proxy which are present in Europe, Asia-India, Russia  at the lowest rate in the industry.
  • We provide secured private proxies provide you faster access to the restricted websites you visit most often.
Questions & Answers

1. What is a proxy? What is it used for?

A proxy server is something you access on the internet via it, in other words a proxy server is a computer that acts as an intermediary between the user’s computer and the Internet. Buy proxy and it allows client computers to make indirect network connections to other network services.

2. What is the purpose of a proxy?

The main purpose of the proxy is to hide your IP address or original location from the internet hackers, monitoring your network traffic and surfing the web as a local. Even though we, at Proxiesforrent, do NOT encourage such actions, proxy servers (proxies) are used for both legal as well as unauthorized purposes.

3. How do proxy sites function?

“Proxy” is a general term that means “to act on behalf of a user in an authorized capacity.” A web proxy server intercepts client connections and obtains the requested content from an origin server, the owner of the content on behalf of the client.

4. Five Reasons Your Company Should Buy Proxy?

1.Improve Corporate and Institutional Security
2.Carry Out Sensitive Tasks Anonymously
3.Balance Traffic So Your Server Doesn’t Crash
4.Control Employee Internet Usage
5.Faster Speeds and Bandwidth Savings
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We provide proxies from multiple isp and different c blocks thereby leaving no trail of the proxies and the proxies are highly anonymous.

We can provide you user id and password based access or we can authorise your static ip to access all the proxies.

Yes we can provide you a single test ip.But can you mail us [email protected]

We allow 125 simultaneous accesses.

We do not allow any SCAM or Fraud sites to be accesses through our network.

Most of the time the proxies will be setup instantly how ever allow upto 8 hours for setup.

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