What are Residential Proxies and Why to use them?

What are Residential Proxies and Why to use them?

Residential Proxy Network

Going forward to the residential and data-center proxies, lets first understand what a proxy network type is and how it hides your information. A proxy server acts as an intermediary between you and the web browser. When a user surfing on the internet accesses web browser, his/her information along with IP address gets tracked by the web server. Here is where, a proxy server helps you as a middleman by taking user access requests and forwarding to the web server with a different identity and IP address.

Residential Proxies are one of a kind where it comes as a highly anonymous and effective proxy. Residential proxy network is a network of legitimate residential IPs of legitimate physical locations that is allocated to you with an Internet Service Provider. These backconnect proxies are highly effective when it comes to anonymous scraping and accessing of geo-based restricted content on the web.  

So whenever you make requests to a web server, your residential proxy network will mask your original IP address with a different authentic IP address of any specific location which will help you hide IP address and unblock blocked data with complete ease. 

Types of Proxies Network

There are majorly 4 kinds of proxies – 

  • Forward Proxies – These are the types of proxies which help you to forward requests from your private network to web browser.
  • Reverse Proxies – These are the proxies on the other hand which passes requests from Internet or web browser to the private network.
  • Chaining Proxies – These are the proxies which use both forward and reverse proxies in a chain.
  • Backconnect Proxies – These proxies changes between multiple IPs in regular intervals in a short span.

People buy proxies of the above kinds to attain utmost anonymity and security while browsing through the internet. These kinds of proxies are termed to be highly effective while scraping or performing automation on web.

Residential proxy network

What are Residential Proxies?

Residential proxies are the effective intermediaries that provides you authentic residential IPs straight of authorized Internet service provider and not the datacenters. A Residential proxy server gives a physical location to each residential IP address which helps you to scrape geo-locked web content based on specific locations and countries. Residential proxies can help you to scrape data using bots for scripts and social media without getting your IP address blocked. 

By its name, residential proxy meaning signifies the use of legitimate residential locations to browse through web without getting blocked with its high anonymity benefits. Also, the single residential proxy network comes with multifarious benefits which gives a good up to your web access and social media needs. People use proxies of residential nature in order to be highly anonymous and unidentified, appearing as if an authorized user of an authorized residential location is accessing the content.

How Residential Proxies work?

Like any other types of proxies, residential proxies also act as an intermediary between your requests and the internet that helps on routing internet traffic but in a more efficient and anonymous way. Residential proxies are different from the Datacenter proxies as Residential proxies comes with authentic residential IPs of different residential locations that enables you to scrape your internet traffic with complete ease and anonymity

These Residential proxies are termed web as the most secured with HTTPS encrypted requests along with the feature of residential proxy static IP address that helps for targeting different websites, traffics, locations, etc. without getting blocked or blacklisted. 

The residential IPs provided by Residential proxies appears to be legitimate and authentic belonging to real devices and locations. These proxies are not vulnerable by the server-based addresses created by VPNs.

Residential proxies might not be a cheap proxy option, but it is highly reasonable and worthful to the features it brings in terms of anonymity and web scraping capabilities.

Why use a Residential proxy network and what are they used for?

Residential proxies are considered to be one of the top buys when it comes to online anonymity. Residential proxies are highly effective to be used for web scraping without getting blocked or blacklisted. Residential proxies avail you with multiple legitimate IP addresses of legitimate locations to hide IP address of your original IP with another real device IP address. 

People buy proxies of residential nature in order to benefit the ultimate online anonymity with the freedom of making unlimited requests to the browser in an absolutely block-free manner. These proxies can be used productively for –

  • Market Research and Analysis – Residential proxies are power-packed to perform web scraping for collecting multiple amount of data, performing ad verification for localizing your data, download torrents without any purchase limitation, monitoring affiliate content and performing certain SEO analysis and strategies with a secured mode of valuable data scraping.
  • Social media functions – Residential proxies gives you the assistance of creating and automating multiple accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. and can change all your account’s locations with different location-based residential IPs. 
  • Retail scraping – Residential proxies offers the ultimate benefits of sneaker proxies for retail scrapping and copping on multiple retail websites on the internet. It gets extremely profitable to use sneaker proxies for retail scrapping.  

Residential proxies for sale could have multifarious uses and benefits along with added on features when bought from the right residential proxy provider. Proxiesforrent is that right Residential proxy provider!

Residential service from proxiesforrent

How to setup Residential Proxies?

Organizing a residential proxies setup is not much of a difficult task. It basically depends on the devices you are using and the motive behind using your residential proxies. We here at Proxiesforrent make the setting up process very simple, detailed and integrated with our setup guides and helpful personnel.

Even if you need residential proxies for personal usage, our Proxiesforrent will help you with simple step-by-step guide to enable proxy settings and extension downloads in your desktop, mobile or any other personal device. Also, various proxy integrations and scripts can be enabled for your Residential proxy use of business purposes.

What is a Residential IP?

The Residential IP address represents legitimate residential location tied with the use of any physical device. These residential proxy services are availed straight from the ISP (Internet Service Provider) who register residential IP addresses with public database. Unlike the Datacenter IP addresses, the residential proxies represent an ISP provided network and location that makes them to appear as legitimate real people browsing from real residential locations. 

What are Residential Rotating Proxies?

Different from the normal residential proxies, rotating residential proxies back you with a pool of proxies that switch between themselves in regular intervals and sessions to offer you multiple legitimate location-based residential IPs. These kinds of proxies are also known as the backconnect proxies. The Backconnect proxies not only hide real IP, but also gives you the freedom of making unlimited search and browsing without getting tracked.

By the term itself, the proxy rotates among different residential IP addresses which gives you the assistance to make unlimited requests without getting flagged or blacklisted. So, when you connect with a rotating residential connection, with every subsequent search you will be directed from a different location by changes in proxy automatically.

How to connect via Rotating Residential Proxies?

Connecting through rotating residential proxies should not be taken lightly. There are many service providers who offer free proxy services for residential proxies along with a risk of data theft, password breach and other hack related risks. Instead a trusted proxy provider should be preferred who offers enhanced anonymity, reliability, and high-speed performance. 

Proxiesforrent could be the best pick for you to buy proxy with all the required features needed with extreme anonymity and a wide pool of proxies. We come with unlimited bandwidth and threads, offering an unmatched performance.

residential service provider


With so much of restrictions on web browsing and accessing of content, use of proxy server has turned out to be an important necessity. Among the proxy services, dedicated residential proxies are termed to be at highest anonymity levels offering legitimate residential IP addresses of legitimate residential locations. These residential proxies also known as the backconnect proxies, helps you to appear as a real user with an ISP provider that minimizes your risk of getting tracked and blocked. 

Proxiesforrent has just the same vision of offering the best residential proxy network that yields you with the highest of anonymity, bandwidth, threads, and what not. We are equipped with a pool of authentic Residential IPs that will keep you masked under legitimate identities. Get your proxy plan subscribed today from Proxiesforrent!


How to use a Residential Proxy?

Residential proxies could be used effectively for any needs or demands be it for personal or business purposes. Our expert team make the residential proxy setup simpler and more efficient with our high-end professionalism in offering residential proxies. To get hold on How to set up a proxy? Contact our proxy reps today!

Are Residential Proxies illegal?

No Residential proxies are completely legal. Infact, the residential proxies legal are highly recommended for safe online browsing.

Can you buy Residential Proxies?

Yes, you can buy residential proxies and get at reasonable prices through Proxiesforrent. We bring you effective residential proxy solutions that will keep you completely anonymous, avoid bans and away from getting blocked.

How residential proxies are better than other types of proxy? 

Residential proxy services are considered to be more anonymous and fast when compared to datacenter proxy services as in residential proxies, the residential IPs are availed straight from Internet provider to make the proxies appear as if legitimate users are accessing from legitimate networks. This builds ultimate anonymity and minimal chances for users to getting blocked.

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