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What Is A Data Center Proxy?

Data Center proxies, including the best data center proxies available, are a kind of proxy server situated in data centers. These data center proxies are chosen by businesses and individuals who want to hide their IP addresses and send their internet traffic through a different location.

By using a data center proxy, users can visit websites and use online services that might be restricted in their area or enhance their privacy and security on the internet.

Whether you’re looking for a basic data center proxy or the best data center proxies, Proxiesforrent provides reliable and effective solutions to meet your online needs, keeping things straightforward for easy understanding.

Buy Premium Data Center Proxy

Data center proxies, especially the more affordable ones, are essential tools for anyone looking to keep their internet use private and unrestricted. These proxies work by hiding your real IP address, which means your online actions aren’t connected to your home internet provider. This is different from residential proxies, which are linked to a specific home internet service. Data center proxies give you an IP address that doesn’t point back to your location, allowing you to browse the internet without revealing where you are

At Proxiesforrent, we provide some of the best data center proxies that are known for being trustworthy and effective. These proxies come from real data centers and have genuine addresses, making it easier for you to get around any online blocks based on where you are in the world. This means you can access websites or information that might not normally be available in your region, which is great for both personal knowledge and business research. Plus, our special rotating data center proxy service changes your IP address regularly, helping you collect data or research online without drawing attention. This can be incredibly useful for a wide range of tasks, from looking at different websites to doing in-depth market studies.

Our Data Center Shared Proxies Pricing Plan

    • SPFR-10

      Starting from

      $5 / per month
      / per year

      • Number of Proxies 10
      • Multiple Subnets
      • Multiple IP Class
      • Setup FeeFREE!
      • Pay using PayPal, Visa, Master, Perfect Money, Bitcoin

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    • SPFR-50

      Starting From

      $25 / per month
      / per year

      • Number of Proxies 50
      • Multiple Subnets
      • Multiple IP Class
      • Setup FeeFREE!
      • Pay using PayPal, Visa, Master, Perfect Money, Bitcoin

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    • SPFR-100

      Starting from

      $50 / per month
      / per year

      • Number of Proxies 100
      • Multiple Subnets
      • Multiple IP Class
      • Setup Fee FREE!
      • Pay using PayPal, Visa, Master, Perfect Money, Bitcoin

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    • SPFR-200

      Starting from

      $75 / per month
      / per year

      • Number of Proxies 200
      • Multiple Subnets
      • Multiple IP Class
      • Setup Fee FREE!
      • Pay using PayPal, Visa, Master, Perfect Money, Bitcoin

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Our Data Center Private Proxies Pricing Plan

    • PPFR-10

      Starting from

      $10 / per month
      / per year

      • Number of Proxies 10
      • Multiple Subnets
      • Multiple IP Class
      • Setup FeeFREE!
      • Pay using PayPal, Visa, Master, Crypto, Perfect Money, Bitcoin

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    • PPFR-50

      Starting From

      $50 / per month
      / per year

      • Number of Proxies 50
      • Multiple Subnets
      • Multiple IP Class
      • Setup FeeFREE!
      • Pay using PayPal, Visa, Master, Crypto, Perfect Money, Bitcoin

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    • PPFR-100

      Starting from

      $75 / per month
      / per year

      • Number of Proxies 100
      • Multiple Subnets
      • Multiple IP Class
      • Setup Fee FREE!
      • Pay using PayPal, Visa, Master, Crypto, Perfect Money, Bitcoin

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    • PPFR-200

      Starting from

      $125 / per month
      / per year

      • Number of Proxies 200
      • Multiple Subnets
      • Multiple IP Class
      • Setup Fee FREE!
      • Pay using PayPal, Visa, Master, Crypto, Perfect Money, Bitcoin

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What Are The Types Of Data Center Proxies?

Data center proxies come in various forms to cater to different needs, encompassing dedicated, shared, and rotating proxies. A dedicated proxy assigns a unique IP address to an individual user, ensuring unmatched security and privacy. This exclusivity makes it the most reliable option, often considered the best data center proxy for those seeking the utmost in online confidentiality, albeit at a higher cost.

For a more economical solution, a cheap data center proxy is typically a shared type, utilized concurrently by several users. While this is a cost-effective choice, the shared nature means the IP address is common among multiple users, which might slightly diminish its ability to conceal identities effectively. However, it remains a viable option for users with general proxy requirements.

Rotating proxies offer dynamic security and anonymity by changing the user’s IP address, making them ideal for avoiding detection or accessing diverse networks. They range from affordable shared options to premium dedicated proxies, catering to various needs.

Why do You need to Buy Data Center Proxy from us?

Our company specializes in providing cost-effective shared and private data center proxy solutions, focusing on affordability and efficiency.

Our cheap data center proxies offer top-notch performance with 2TB bandwidth and customizable plan options.

We offer a variety of locations to ensure maximum anonymity and enhanced speed, catering to specific needs.

Our shared data center proxies extend across a global network, providing access to geo-specific services wherever you are.

This global reach is crucial for users needing geo-targeted access without compromising speed or privacy.

Our clients choose us for their strategic locations, speed, and convenience, including seamless payments through popular cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, and USDT.

We are committed to offering the cheapest data center proxies without skimping on quality or anonymity, ensuring the best value and performance.

We also proactively monitor our proxy servers to maintain peak efficiency and reliability, ensuring superior power and performance during proxy and automation endeavors.

Our focus is on providing exceptional anonymity and rapidity, making us the go-to source for all your data center proxy needs.

What Are The Use Cases of Data Center Proxies?

Multiple Geo-Locations

We are known for our worldwide connectivity and we are to help you connect proxies and access geo-restricted content in six countries using Shared Datacenter Proxies: the US, France, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, and Romania.


Our shared datacenter proxies servers support all kinds of HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS protocols to help you browse and connect through any website or content without any restrictions.

Highly Anonymous

We value the anonymity of the IPs availed to you and make sure to offer you authorized IPs which are secured and highly kept private so that they look real and our cheap datacenter proxies hides your presence effectively at an affordable price.

Easy Access to Datacenter Proxies

There is no need to click numerous items to get proxies. Easy to install Chrome or Firefox extensions to access our datacenter private proxies. Select your location and session type, then connect to the internet via a proxy to reach your selected website.

Proxy Replacement

We contain a wide array of different cheap datacenter proxies for many locations, among which you can choose the most potential and datacenter proxies suits your requirements. We Replace our proxies every 30 to 60 days.

Fastest Support 24x7

Customers and clients can contact us anytime, and we are available around-the-clock to address their urgent needs. Select the top proxy service, and we’ll give you all the assistance you required. Support specialists 24*7 to solve all your technical issues.

2TB Bandwidth and Threads

With 2TB bandwidth, we offer the utmost liberty and power for you to buy shared datacenter proxies for whatever use you want. Maximum speed with the highest performance.

Process of IP selection

Each data is carefully chosen and put through a verification and validation process before its IP blocks are added to our proxy pool. For the most valuable targets, like Google and Amazon, we use different tests that are conducted in parallel to accomplish this.


We’re here to help. Contact us and we’ll respond as quickly as we can.

What Are Data Center Proxies Used For?

Data Center proxies are used for a variety of purposes, including:

• Accessing blocked websites: Many websites and online services are blocked in certain countries or regions due to government censorship or other reasons. Data center proxies can be used to access these websites by routing the user’s internet traffic through a different location where the website is not blocked.

• Protecting privacy and security: Data center proxies can also be used to protect the user’s privacy and security while online. By routing the user’s traffic through a different location, the user’s IP address is masked, making it more difficult for anyone to track their online activity. This can be particularly useful for users who are concerned about their online privacy, such as journalists, activists, or individuals living in countries with strict internet censorship laws.

• Improving online security: In addition to protecting the user’s privacy, data center proxies can also improve their online security. By routing their traffic through a different location, the user’s data is encrypted and protected from potential attacks or hacks. This can be especially important for users who are accessing sensitive information, such as financial data or confidential business documents.

How do we pick the best data center proxies?

There are various technical research series to pick the best data center proxies. The following were the criteria for choosing them as the best proxy server.

  1. Whether the data center proxies can provide you with a safe, secure, and anonymous experience.
  2. Are the data center proxies working with upgraded connection speed?
  3. Is customer support up to the mark?
  4. Is the proxy server reliable and user-friendly for providing a pool of IP addresses of data center proxies?

Based on these criteria, we managed to provide the best data center proxies. You can find the most authentic data center proxies IP that is formed based on stability, reliability, network speed, and easy setups by our technical experts.

All of our data center proxies serve the real purpose of masking the location and identity of your ultimate IP address.

Are cheap datacenter proxies good?

When you need to finish a project quickly, Data Center Proxies are a perfect choice because of their excellent performance and quickness. You must get them from a reliable proxy provider like us and acquire the necessary technical know-how to use them if you want to guarantee optimal performance.

Things to consider before buying a cheap data center proxies
There are numerous things to take into account when purchasing a cheap data center proxies, including the following:-
  1. Security and speed.
  2. Location.
  3. Anonymity.
  4. Price.
  5. Customer service of the provider.
How to use data center proxies for SEO purposes?

Finding any contact information for outreach is as simple as conducting a Google search. The goals are split into two categories, i.e.

White Hat SEO: Our Shared Data center proxies deal with Rank tracking, Site Audit, Competitor Analysis, and Keyword Research.

Black Hat SEO: This is not advisable, but many of them use Black Hat SEO to lead this competitive league. It includes Fake traffic, Backlink building, and Comment posting.

You can buy reliable data center proxies and reflect your website on one of the top results of various search engines using White Hat SEO.

Difference between cheap data center proxies and Free Proxy

Our cheap data center proxies are safe, while free proxies are an open invitation to hackers or scammers. Free proxies are unreliable, whereas you can rely on our anonymous proxies without risk. You can get banned for using free proxies.

Also, you can buy shared data center proxies with numerous users using free proxies simultaneously. It makes the connection speed very, very slow in free proxies.

In cheap data center proxies, your connection speed is fast and secure, as you are the only one using that proxy legitimately.

Why Free data center proxies is Not Suggested:

Any technical expert will not suggest you use free proxies for the Data center Premium proxies or any other locations. Free proxies are highly insecure, the connection speed is too slow and cannot be reliable at all. Free proxies are quite risky in terms of losing your data.

Purchase Your Highly Secure and Anonymous Premium data center proxies from Proxiesforrent

We provide safe, secure, and anonymous proxy IP. You can buy data center proxies from us and enjoy fast and secure proxies.

  1. Support specialists 24*7 to solve all your technical issues.
  2. Your security is our priority.
  3. We also set up and configure your proxies.

Buy cheap data center Proxies from Proxiesforrent and configure proxies for any program you want. We offer various proxies for bots, sites, online games, etc.

Mask your primary IP addresses and forget the risk of getting blocked with the help of a proxy service provider.

How does the best data center proxies work?

Proxiesforrent service that provides quick internet access and a better customer experience is known as a data center proxy.

Our affordable shared data center proxies will conceal your real IP address because they are not associated with an ISP; as a result, the website won’t be able to determine the user’s real IP address, allowing the user to browse the website anonymously.

No blocks and restrictions with our premium data center proxies

With the help of our premium data center proxies IP, you will face no blocks and restrictions in browsing any websites. If you are a gamer, You don’t have to think about the restricted games in your country.

You can access it through data center proxies without any hassle. Even online business or banking can be accessed through data center proxies and keep your locations away from online scams. You can easily hide your IP address with premium data center proxies.

Need help? We're on it

Our Proxiesforrent Expert are Available 24 X 7, Contact Us Anytime When You Need Our Professionals Experts.

What is the difference between data center proxies and residential Proxies

What is a Data Center Proxies?

Datacenter proxies are one of the most commonly used and popular proxies. These proxies can hide the IP address and they have got nothing to do with the internet service provider.

These proxies are independent of the user’s ISP. The IP address is not linked to a specific place. The proxy database consists of the data center IP range.

What is a Residential Proxy?

Residential proxies will provide IP addresses that will be connected to actual residential addresses. This is why people buy residential proxies over data center proxies as they offer guaranteed anonymity without any risks of getting banned.

When a user buys a residential proxy, they will efficiently hide their real IP address and access the geo-blocked content.

Why Use data center proxies?

Unlike the data center proxies, residential proxies are the residential IP addresses offered by the internet service provider to internet users. These proxies are legitimate addresses that are attached to a specific physical location.

The reason why you must use the Residential proxy’s unlimited IP addresses is because they offer high anonymity and a low blocking rate.

Why Use Residential proxies?

Most websites use cookies so that they can identify the IP address of the user. The IP address can pinpoint the exact location where you reside and it can be very valuable for websites.

Many people want to have their privacy when they use the internet and want their geographical location to be private. Data center proxies help internet users to remain anonymous and have a safe experience online.

Advantages of Data Center Proxies

Availability of Cheap Data center proxies is the most available proxies out there as they are not affiliated with any internet service provider. Since a secondary corporation offers them, they are authentic and provide you with huge anonymity.

Geo-Restricted Content

Many websites can restrict the content from appearing in the search results in various countries. This is why people use our reliable data center proxies as they help in IP allocation for data centers and allow users to fake their location. They can connect to our data center proxies and view the Geo-Restricted content.


Buy cheap data center proxies are cheap and affordable. The prices can vary from 0.5 dollars for 1 GB of traffic to more. When talking about residential vs datacenter proxies, without a doubt datacenter proxies are cheaper and the best option in the market as far as costs are concerned.


Our data center proxies are faster. However, the speed to act should be optimum as too fast speed can also get you blocked. The users can get the best and fastest dc proxies by choosing the location around the target.

Better Flexibility

The best data center service provider will offer you unlimited threads along with connections. When you combine these with residential proxies, you can get advanced flexibility.

A large number of IP addresses

Many websites can restrict the content from appearing in the search results in various countries. This is why people use our affordable data center proxies as they help in IP allocation for data centers and allow users to fake their location. They can connect to our data center proxies and view the Geo-Restricted content.


These proxies offer high performance as only one user uses a data center IP address at a time. For better performance, you can also try fast residential proxies.

Advantages of Residential Proxies

By getting Residential proxies, you can be protected online. Buy Residential proxy servers will behave like a catalyst between the user system and their internet.


Data center proxies are cheap, but it is hard to acquire a residential IP address. You can get cheap residential proxies plans as well.


You can now upscale your business by using fast and anonymous residential proxies. It comes with over a million IPs, 24/7 help and support, and flexible pricing. The best residential proxy service will offer customer support and assistance to the users.


High efficiency and speed, fast and reliable residential proxies will make gaining access to the data simple.


Buy Residential proxies will offer reliable, trustworthy, and legitimate proxy servers that internet providers usually offer to homeowners. The residential IP address also is untraceable.

Variety of locations

The service providers use different locations and Residential IP addresses in rotations. This is to avoid detection and bot flagging in the geographical restrictions.

Global reach

Residential bots can appear like genuine human users; therefore, they will scrap several global websites for significant information and deals. It will become easy to hide from hackers through the best residential proxies for Sneaker bots.

FAQ related with data center proxies
What is not allowed to used in our datacenter proxies?

We do not allow any SCAM or Fraud sites to be accessed through our network.

Does scraping work with data center proxies?

For the majority of scraping tasks, data center proxies are more effective. Although we permit our clients to use data center proxies for data scraping activities, we strongly advise using residential proxies because they have higher-quality IP addresses and higher success rates for data scraping.

Where are these data center proxies located?

Our data center proxies are located in Asian-Indian, Europe, Russia and many other Locations.

Can I use data center proxies to watch video streaming websites?

To watch videos on websites that stream video, you can use data center proxies, but this is not always advised by technical knowledge. Because the websites that stream videos might predict the volume of visits and find you.

Is Web Scraping legal using data center proxies?

It depends on what your web scraping activity is. Suppose you break any laws regarding the source or the data while web scraping. It will be considered illegal. Hence, proper analysis of what is legal and unlawful in web scraping must be understood under appropriate technical law expertise.

What is an SSL/ HTPPs Proxy?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is an unclear or transparent proxy that encrypts or decrypts the data between the users and the target servers. It will ensure no detection of the user’s IP address from target servers to the third parties.

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