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What are Residential Proxies?

An intermediary who uses an IP address provided by an Internet Service Provider ( ISP), not a data center, is a residential proxy. There is a physical location at each residential proxy address. And while billions of wireless devices link to the internet at any time, the location of every device can be identified by their IP addresses. So, you send away details about your browser any time you go online.

Residential Proxies are those regional proxies that contain one or more unique IP addresses, provisioned by a regional service provider. Residential proxies will give you a more genuine looking identity as your IP address appears similar to that of a normal residential user. People generally buy residential proxies to use an alternate IP address which is allowed to access different web pages in different locations which are restricted by regional access restrictions. With residential proxies, you can use any geo-based restricted website from anywhere in the world without getting caught or blocked.

The important advantages of residential proxies – 

  • Your identity is anonymous

Residential proxies mask your original IP and give you an alternate IP address which makes you look like a normal regional user of any particular region and eliminates the chances of getting caught or even getting to know that you’re actually using a proxy.Advantages of Best Private Proxy

  • Streamlined security

Using residential proxies is considered to be more secured than using shared proxies as there are minimal chances of your proxy server getting abused by hackers, spammers, and malicious websites. 

  • Faster speed

High-quality residential proxies experience the good speed of web surfing with fewer errors, timeouts, or blocks compared to other proxy servers. 

  • Scrape out regional travel deals 

Sometimes you see some offers are only based or made available for some people belonging to specific regions or locations. Residential proxies will help you have all these offers by just giving you the IP address of these regions that will give you the alternate location for that specified location. You can divert your location easily using residential proxies. 

  • Grab deals as early as possible

Like travel deals, there are also some regions, where certain merchandise or product is launched first. By using residential proxies, you can avail of these deals by getting an IP address of that particular region that experiences the first launches.

  • Unblock restricted content 

As discussed before, using a residential proxy server helps you to access geo-based restricted content on the webpages by using an IP address that supports that geo-location.

Residential proxies give you a hand-full of benefits that can help you perform multiple important functions. You can also make the most of these residential proxies and other proxy servers by performing high-end automation and marketing techniques. It gives you the ease of using multiple identities without getting caught and being listed on the block list. It also gets difficult to assess someone using a proxy. So, it becomes highly secure and productive at the same time.

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