What is static proxy? And its Uses

Certified Internet Service Provider (ISP) as Datacenter IPs assigns static proxy. It lets every user function as a residential user. Residential proxy allow users to pick an exact location and surf as the respective location user, whereas datacenter proxies get remote servers.

What Is Static Proxy?

It is connected to mask the IP address. It is the right choice for high anonymity, and data center proxies become much faster and if you come to the Statics proxies have above both qualities.

With Static Residential IP Proxy looks the best customer for the different sites, and it never uses any virtual machines such as datacenter proxies.

Hence, it creates your IP as the right customer and has a low chance of being flagged as a bot.

What are static IP proxies used for?

What are static IP proxies used for?

➡ Static proxies used at the time of IP rotation are not a viable choice for the customer. Static IP service utilized at the time of the changing the addresses never leat to bans and blocks.

➡ However, at some time, Ip rotation causes some sites to be banned, which is taken place at the time of purchasing on commerce sites and making social media account. It allows using these sites and reaping all the benefits of remaining anonymous simultaneously.

➡ Static residential proxies are applicable to create a unique solution for the business to save their brand. Apart from that that the people who want to try to illegitimately from abusing the brand image often blocks these companies from obtaining their content.

➡ Static proxies become affordable and incredibly high speed to scrape the internet and other illegal activities based on their brand.

What is a Static Residential Proxy?

Static residential proxy boosted with the high-end features of residential proxy and Datacenter proxy. They are essential for data centers, which have been assigned to the user by ISPs, and they have to connection speed high as them.

It is because they are well traced back to the actual IP address, which is less detectable.

Using this proxy, you can use the same single IP address for long as you want, and it provides you with greater anonymity when online.

When you should use static proxies?

⦿ Static residential proxies are used at any time at the time when you need a proxy. However, they have most wanted in the circumstance where using the Rotating IP Residential Proxies is not a viable choice.

⦿ It was detected and blocked by the site, which developed a security system. The rotating proxies remain the changing Ip address registered as one of the suspicious proxy activities by the site system.

⦿ With the help of the same system, never detect the static proxies, which become more straightforward since the IP address remains constant for a long time.

⦿ As a result, the security systems never support identity as proxies. Social media sites and other ecommerce sites are known for blocklisting and blocking rotating proxies.

Hence, you are suggested to use the static residential proxies at the accessing site, which are sensitive to the respective proxy’s process. If you are trying to obtain the other type of site, static proxies are recommended because they offer a combination of High speed, Anonymity, and Reliability.

Benefits of Using a Static Residential Proxy?

Benefits of Using a Static Residential Proxy?

In using the static residential proxy, there are several benefits, which are listed below.

The web scraping method involves using The automated tool to take out the substantial data sets from the site for market research. Most of the sites over the Internet have security checks in place over them, and it can simply find out the data center proxies. 

Several benefits have a significant amount of anonymity that offers you a satisfactory manner. The static residential proxies become fast and allow large sets of data to extract much faster than regular ones.

① Reliable:

It is not often blocked when the actual IP address is linked to the ISP.

② High anonymity:

The respective ISP assigns it, and individual Ip residential proxy finely offer anonymity and legitimacy.

③ The number of the target is unlimited:

Static Ip proxies have no limits, and there are no restrictions when they become deployed for scraping.

④ High speed:

It originated from the same data center proxies and is as fast as their counterpart.

⑤ Data is secured :

The residential proxy connection can block virus users and sites from reaching the user data. As a result, several online hackers and cybercriminals can never gather data or spread malware, harming devices.

⑥ Avoid geo-restriction:

Proxy service provides users a pool of Ip addresses from various geolocation, pick, and select their location. Then you can access the content, which you want.

Disadvantage of using static proxies

The static proxies must be the closest things to perfection because they embody the qualities of another type of proxies. Still, there are several risks associated with the use of static residential proxies, and it changes their IPs entirely and makes to complex for the data miners to track them.

Using the static proxies, the IP doesn’t change and gives data miners the time to identify the track. Hence, it makes the computer system vulnerable to respective data mining bots and crawlers.

Difference between Static Proxies Vs Rotating Proxies

Difference between Static Proxies Vs Rotating Proxies

Most of the questions have what is different between static proxies and rotating proxies.

➡ Rotating proxies the Ip for each session is useful for maintaining anonymity and significant flaw. Rotating proxies easily be detected by the site with a strong firewall and flag, which is a potential bot.

➡ Static Ip proxy is more practical and appears as a genuine use for the most part and will not easily get flagged. However, at the same time, when you need to have different Ip addresses, then rotating proxies is the right choice.

Here are some tips for finding a high-quality static residential proxy.

With the help of more than 100 providers, it is not simple to pick the right option you need. However, here are some tips that help find a high-quality static residential proxy.

① Fast connection:

Speed is essential when you carry out massive projects. Therefore, obsessively the residential proxies come with a high rate of data center proxies, enabling the simple and less time.


The static residential proxy provider has a large pool of Ip addresses, providing better city and country-level options. It comes in handy when you use the proxies for market and reach the people of a specific region.

Here are some tips for finding a high-quality static residential proxy.

③ Constant IP address:

It is designed with a fixed Ip address, which can be used for a long time which you need. It enables you to have a proxy IP address on a different site. It is simple to monitor without no making identity known.

④ Review and testimonials:

It plays a massive role in easily be detected the static residential proxy. These testimonials have been highlighted on the site. It can simply review on a third-party site, find out the broker to use, and choose the reliable by searching it.


Residential proxies mask the IP address, never leave online fingerprints, and trigger site security alarms. It is more important when you come to a plan to conduct the data scraping and never want to copy the new designer sneaker. Checkout our website Proxiesforrent for more details.


What is a rotating proxy?

A rotating proxy is a proxy server that assigns a new Ip address from the pool for each connection. You can launch a script to send more than 10,000 requests to any site.

All proxies in the collection are residential and unique devices, and the link requested is inconspicuous to meet the target.

Should I use static or rotating proxies?

When you are going to launch a large-scale scraping project and wonder whether to use the static or rotating proxies, the answer depends on the target site.

However, when you never have enough data about the area and how likely it blocks, scraping the rotating proxies at all times.

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