Residential and datacenter proxy

Difference between Residential Proxies and Datacenter Proxies

Residential proxies vs Datacenter proxies

Residential Proxy and Datacenter Proxy servers provide a way for hiding your IP address and help you scrape the data from the web anonymously. But which is the best proxy for you? When browsing online, both residential and datacenter proxies hide your actual IP address. If you are unable to connect some website as you are suspended, or when you attempt to access geo-blocked content like Netflix, YouTube, or when browsing for the cheapest flight tickets, this helps.

So, how this work?  Well, your IP address act as an online fingerprint that is used to track you. You can cover your real IP behind another IP, which is routed to a home address that isn’t your own, with the help of a residential proxy. While an IP address for a datacenter proxy is traced back to the associated datacenter or corporation. So, which would be the best solution for you?



Why do we need a proxy?

  • A Proxy is an entryway between the internet and you. Assume you are blocked permanently from websites that originate from countries other than your own country? Entering is not possible.
  • Proxy is a route to escape barriers, break down digital restrictions, and establish anonymity that has never been seen before. Proxy is your safe web scraping answer, and a slip away from the eyes of hackers and pry.
  • In this blog, we will help you understand the differences between datacenter proxies and residential proxies so, you will be equipped to buy the right proxy for your needs.

What are Datacenter Proxies & why they are used?

  • Datacenter proxies are the most prominent proxies out there.
  • These proxies have nothing to do with your internet connectivity or ISP (Internet Service Provider) in regards to hiding your IP address since these are entirely independent of both.
  • This makes it possible for you to hide your IP address without being correlated to a specific location. In order to recognize your IP address, websites sometimes use cookies by putting them in the browser.
  • Your IP address is the most powerful of all the online fingerprints you leave behind as you explore the internet because it can identify your actual geographical location.
  • Search engines can thus generate localized results, and based on your location content can be geo-blocked by websites.
  • So, you could use a proxy service connected to a data center to help you disguise your IP address if you require anonymity online or want to unlock content from another country.
  • The problem arises, websites are becoming more mindful of this, and datacenter proxies might get blocked.
  • However, if you’re exhausted from being flagged when using datacenter proxies, residential proxies provide an efficient way to solve this issue.

What are Residential Proxies and why they are used?

  • How do they function? IP addresses that are linked to actual residential addresses are provided by residential proxies, making them all but difficult to ban.
  • This helps you to mask your real IP address efficiently, work around content that is geo-blocked, or gather information from all across the web and also provides many advantages.
  • Proxiesforrent provides a rotating residential proxies service that makes it a more convenient way to enhance your anonymity, security, and security online.
  • We ensure that communications and transactions are secured by assisting the HTTP protocol. This will allow very few or if any, websites to track you.
  • All our servers are linked to 1Gbps and 10Gbps connections and as a service provider we frequently update the network stacks to sustain a leading spot in terms of speed, unlike the services of free proxy which are typically slow and unreliable.
  • Even so, as our pricing model is focused on quality service there will be a solution to match both your needs and your budget.
Residential proxy

Why Residential Proxies are better than Datacenter Proxies?

The answer is yes, Residential Proxies are better and why you should pick the best rotating residential proxies over datacenter proxies here are a few reasons.

1. IPs of residential proxy are highly legitimate:

  • Since residential IPs are designated just to actual residential addresses, security systems will typically place more credibility in residential IPs.
  • Practically, if you are using a proxy some websites can identify that, and then you might discover that your datacenter connection is banned.
  • What typically happens is that the IPs of the datacenter are much simpler to acquire compared to residential IPs, and to avoid malicious threats, a large number of datacenter users would mask their real IP.
  • These IPs are often likely to be blocked.

2. A larger reach of locations to connect from:

  • diverse range of locations is provided by rotating residential proxies.
  • From the range you can connect, presenting them appropriate for bypassing geographic blocks.

Which is the best choice datacenter proxies or residential proxies for sneakers?

  • Residential proxies are ideal than datacenter proxies to hiding your sneaker bot.
  • If you only hold one or two accounts, the datacenter proxy reliability and speed is better, but with more accounts, they are worse and vulnerable to subnet bans.
  • It is very important to select the correct type of proxy for sneaker bots.
  • Sneaker proxies mask your IP address, so Nike, Adidas, Supreme, or Foot sites can be linked to a sneaker bot such as BNB and add items to the cart several times.
  • This is frowned on by sneaker sites, so you need to choose the best proxies
  • But are datacenter proxies or residential proxies better choices for sneakers? You need speedy proxies and identical IPs for each account to cop multiple pairs with a sneaker bot.
  • However, the bot can’t function too quickly, because they’ll get blocked if they add to the cart and instantly proceed to checkout.
  • That implies that the speed of the proxy is not the primary factor for cop sneakers, so you have to set up the bot properly.

Pros & Cons of residential and datacenter proxies for sneakers:

Here are the pros and cons of residential proxies and datacenter proxies for sneakers:

1. Bans & Originality:

Residential proxies are unique, hence they are better. If one IP is identified, datacenter proxies get tremendous subnet bans. Residential proxies are more distinctive than proxies from Datacenters.

2. Speed:

Datacenter proxies are generally a little quicker, but speed isn’t the key factor, hence you will be blocked if you function too fast. If you’re using a location near your trigger, you always seem to get the highest speed.

3. Price:

Shared proxies are cheap, as simultaneously you can use a pool of IP addresses. If you are willing to buy dedicated IPs (datacenter or residential), you have to pay a lot more. Note, often dedicated proxies have may have been used in the past and have no guarantee. For the highest value, we suggest using shared residential proxies.

4. International release usability: 

Global residential IP networks are superior to datacenter IPs because you can cop goods internationally if you can select the US, UK, European or Japanese proxies. Where the servers are located Datacenter proxies can only operate in that country.

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Residential and Datacenter proxies both mask your IP address, but residential proxies are more reliable because they are more difficult to detect by the websites you visit compared to datacenter proxies. A huge headache will spare you if you understand the main differences between datacenter proxies and residential proxies.


1. How can I set up a residential proxy server?

If you have made your mind to get started, get in touch with us via live chat, or other available options you are convenient with and we’ll get in touch with you. Our experts will discuss your needs and following procedures. We have a month-to-month basis pricing plans but can change plans based on your bandwidth requirement.

2. Is using free proxy safe?

Always remember to buy a proxy instead of installing one free. We know everyone loves free stuff, but a downloaded free proxy can create a way to your server for spam, hackers, and other malicious activity taking place online. So, it is never advisable.


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