How can I change my IP address and location?

How can I change my IP address and location?

No matter why you use a Proxy, it constantly changes your IP address to the outside world. Altering it also implies changing your location because websites and internet services use your IP address to establish where you are.

This is commonly referred to as “geo-spoofing” and has a lot of advantages, such as assisting you in maintaining your online privacy, enabling you to access country- or region-specific content, and saving money by snagging deals only available in other countries.

So how exactly do you change your Proxy location? What would make you want to? What happens if it doesn’t work, too? Keep reading for a detailed explanation of how to change your proxy location.

Learn How to Set a Proxy on Google Chrome

Step-1 Go to chrome setting

Step-2 Click on the Advance option

‣ Step-3 Click on system

‣ Step-4 Click on Open your computer’s proxy settings

‣ Step-5 Click on LAN setting

How to set a proxy on google chrome

‣ Step-6 Uncheck the box [Automatically detect setting]

‣ Step-7 In the Proxy server section click the checkbox to enable

‣ Step-8 In the Address field enter the IP address

‣ Step-9 In the Port field enter a port number

‣ Step-10 And then Click Ok.

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Change My Location With Private Proxy

Why you should change your IP location?

Use a Proxy to change your location for several reasons, including:

➡ Access streaming services that are region-restricted.

Numerous streaming services, provide material in various geographic locations. You can also view TV series and movies that aren’t accessible for streaming in your region by Using a Private proxies to change your location and give you a phony IP address.

Additionally, you’ll have access to geo-restricted streaming services like Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and Peacock from NBC.

➡ Observing sporting activities taking place in other nations.

Not all sporting events are broadcast globally. And you might discover that to access this content. Use cheap private proxy from a different country if there is a specific sport or team you want to follow.

According to this, you can discover that watching your preferred sports elsewhere is even less expensive. If so, you can save money by using a Proxy to change my location.

➡ Affordable products for goods and digital services.

With Private Proxy, you can purchase numerous online stores that change their prices according to geographic location.

And if you spend the time researching pricing for goods in other regions, you might save huge money, especially when booking trips or making costly online purchases.

What to do if the proxy doesn’t work with geo-blocking

There are many factors for your Proxy failure to perform as promised. If it takes place, try these things:

➡ Make sure your IP address is not shared. 

Your real IP can be exposed even though a Proxy appears to be connected and displays the Ip address. You may verify this by checking your IP on websites like; if your valid IP address is displayed, the Proxy is not operating as intended.

➡ Change to a different server.

Even if your Proxy Service provider assigned you a new IP address correctly, a website may detect the use of an Ip address range and restrict or prevent your access. You might be able to resolve this problem for yourself by changing servers.

➡ Look for a geolocation API.

Websites and applications frequently use the HTML Geolocation API to determine your position. And if you’ve already used that site or app and permitted them to track your position, this can still discover you even if you’re using a Proxy.

Check your browsers and applications for any rights you may have granted, and remove any you don’t want to remedy this.

➡ Examine your cookies.

If a website is one you’ve visited, changing your IP address might not be enough to make it believe you’re in a different place. To get around this, consider clearing your browser’s cookies and history before logging in to remove any unwanted data.


No matter why you use a Proxy , it constantly change my IP address to the outside world. Altering it also implies changing your location because websites and internet services use your IP address to establish where you are.

You can find my IP address of websites and other internet resources by connecting to an intermediary server. Proxies sometimes don’t encrypt and can leak private data like my IP address.

Proxy to change your IP address. If you want to protect your IP address, visit our website Proxiesforrent.


1. Are free Proxy secure?

There isn’t a free secure Private Proxy. Most reliable Proxy service companies like proxiesforrent offer a trial period or a set quantity of free data each month.

2. Is it legal to change your IP country?

In the majority of nations, hiding your IP address is entirely legal. However, whatever you do with a fake IP address might not be permitted.

Using a Proxy to change your location to get around government censorship may put you in legal hot water depending on your country.

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