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Checkout one of the US largest growing lists of USA Private Proxies. Our proxies are capable of targeting multiple locations with a seamless 1 GBPS Connection speed.

Make the perfect use of 2TB bandwidth and threads along with extensive support to HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, SOCKS4A and SOCKS5 protocol. Get the Power you deserve!!

Our USA Proxies Plan

    • PFR-10

      Starting From

      $10 / per month
      / per year

      • Number of Proxies 10
      • Multiple Subnets
      • Multiple IP Class
      • Setup Fee FREE!
      • Pay using PayPal, Visa, Master, Perfect Money, Bitcoin

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    • PFR-50

      Starting From

      $50 / per month
      / per year

      • Number of Proxies 50
      • Multiple Subnets
      • Multiple IP Class
      • Setup FeeFREE!
      • Pay using PayPal, Visa, Master, Perfect Money, Bitcoin

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    • PFR-100

      Starting From

      $75 / per month
      / per year

      • Number of Proxies 100
      • Multiple Subnets
      • Multiple IP Class
      • Setup Fee FREE!
      • Pay using PayPal, Visa, Master, Perfect Money, Bitcoin

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    • PFR-200

      Starting From

      $125 / per month
      / per year

      • Number of Proxies 200
      • Multiple Subnets
      • Multiple IP Class
      • Setup Fee FREE!
      • Pay using PayPal, Visa, Master, Perfect Money, Bitcoin

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    • PFR-500

      Starting From

      $175 / per month
      / per year

      • Number of Proxies 500
      • Multiple Subnets
      • Multiple IP Class
      • Setup Fee FREE!
      • Pay using PayPal, Visa, Master, Perfect Money, Bitcoin

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    • PFR-1000

      Starting From

      $350 / per month
      / per year

      • Number of Proxies 1000
      • Multiple Subnets
      • Multiple IP Class
      • Setup FeeFREE!
      • Pay using PayPal, Visa, Master, Perfect Money, Bitcoin

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    • PFR-2000

      Starting From

      $700 / per month
      / per year

      • Number of Proxies 2000
      • Multiple Subnets
      • Multiple IP Class
      • Setup Fee FREE!
      • Pay using PayPal, Visa, Master, Perfect Money, Bitcoin

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    • PFR-5000

      Starting From

      $1750 / per month
      / per year

      • Number of Proxies 5000
      • Multiple Subnets
      • Multiple IP Class
      • Setup Fee FREE!
      • Pay using PayPal, Visa, Master, Perfect Money, Bitcoin

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Proxiesforrent requires users to complete eKYC as per government regulations.

USA Proxy Features


We use unique technology to develop in-house to make our US private proxies 100% highly anonymous. Your real IP will always stay hidden.


We support HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, SOCKS4A and SOCKS5 protocol.


Our servers have 2TB bandwidth so you will never pay extra for it.


If you aren’t happy with the proxies, apply for a Proxy Replacement.


We provide proxies in Asian-Indian, Europe, Russia and many other Location.


We try to answer all your questions as quickly as possible.


A 1 Gbps connection provides fastest possible connections.


The proxies have both: IP whitelisting and user/pass.

Buy USA Proxy

Buy private US proxy will allow you to access US locations based on websites that deny access to various other locations. Our US private proxies change your IP address will be changed, with a US address to allow you access to all the content, information, etc., of your requested website.

Each of our USA web proxy features has a unique dedicated Private IP and it’s assigned to exclusively one user at a time, mandatory authentication via either Ip:port:username: password or Ip: port-based.

Buy private USA proxies and use them for personal or commercial purposes, and please make sure you contact us to confirm availability.

Our US Private Proxies speed is 1 Gbps, 100+ subnets with 99.9% guaranteed uptime. Buy USA web proxy services are ideal for several solutions, including Social media websites, Premium proxies, custom solutions, and more.

With our premium us proxy, you’ll never have to share an IP address with anyone else because we use dedicated IPs. You can also change your proxy IP address on-demand, anytime you need to do so: We offer our customers a fully automated control panel and 24/7 customer service.

So when it comes time to buy us private proxies, You should buy us proxy servers from Proxieforrent because we provide highly anonymous proxies, deliver the best features, and constantly strive for the best (and fastest) possible service.

Proxiesforrent offers premium us proxy from more than 11 years with 22+Countries locations. Today, Proxiesforrent is the leading Proxy Services provider but also a serving and growing audience of customers in over 22+ countries.

Now Proxiesforrent Providing Proxies in US Location

Salt lake city

Our US Salt Lake Proxies give you an uptime of more than 99.9%, and US Salt Lake City proxies are unrivaled in terms of speed, anonymity, and dependability for all usage scenarios.

With our US private proxies IP address, you may quickly connect to any information source and collect data without fear of being detected or having your data scraped.

You can begin interactive localization testing with our premium US proxies. It’s that simple.

Washington proxies 

For all usage scenarios, Us Washington proxies are unrivaled in terms of speed, anonymity, and dependability.

Using a US Washington IP address, you may quickly connect to any information source you require and collect data without worrying about being discovered or being protected against scraping.

With Washington proxies, we provide a solution for even the most complex business requirements (and growing). If you’re looking for SOCKS5, HTTP(S), rotating, or sticky residential proxies for the USA, Washington, look no further. You received Proxiesforrent!

Memphis proxies

For all usage circumstances, US Memphis proxies are incomparable in terms of speed, anonymity, and durability. You can connect to any data source and gather information with a US Memphis IP address without worrying about being discovered or having your data scraped.

With our US Memphis proxies, We can meet even the most complex business needs. If you’re looking for US Memphis private proxies that are SOCKS5, HTTP(S), rotating, or sticky, look no further. Using a Memphis IP address is comparable to using any other premium proxy.

Like all other premium us proxies, using a USA Memphis IP address provides clear privacy advantages. Examine a few scenarios in which both organizations and individuals can benefit from a USA Memphis proxy service.

Want to experience the power of anonymous web proxy surfing?

What is US Proxies ?

The term proxy server refers to a proxy address that enables you to search websites that are only available in other countries via the internet. Some nations place some restrictions on our online activity.

However, you may easily access all of these websites and all of the material with the help of our US proxies browsers available online. Simply said, some content is restricted based on location because of censorship in that area. This practice is called geo-blocking.

For many of us in the US, this creates a difficult scenario because we are unable to access the content. Therefore, you can browse with a US Proxies IP and access all the websites you want.

We give you a US Proxies IP address so you can access websites that are restricted in your nation. Similarly, if you are in a nation other than the United States, You can use our proxy servers to access American websites.

What are the uses of US proxies?

Purchasing American IP proxies has a wide range of advantages. You can buy private us proxies and use them from any devices, routers, and access points as soon as you have the US proxies from proxiesforrent configured and ready. The service provider like proxiesforrent, will begin managing all of the traffic on your website using an American proxies IP.

It will demonstrate that you are in the US. You may easily obtain any information you require without being seen by purchasing one or more than 500 proxies offered by US Location.

While employing our US proxies’ IP addresses from the US, you can buy US proxies to scrape any type of data from websites there or from streaming services.


What are the useful reason of US proxies?

Location Spoofing is a well-known benefit of using US proxies. By purchasing a US proxy IP address, you can pretend to be in the US. By using our US proxy IP, you can browse easily and visit any US website without worrying about being blocked.

Buy US proxies IP to mask your real IP address and browse other websites anonymously. When you buy private US proxy IP, you can use it to create a variety of identities on social media without worrying about them getting banned.


No blocks and restrictions with proxies in US

By using-an Us proxy server IP address, you can access any Us website without being blocked or subject to other limitations. For example, if you enjoy playing video games, you won’t need to worry about them being illegal in your country. It can be easily viewed in the Us via proxies.

Proxy servers can be easily used to access internet banking or business, Protecting your whereabouts from online scammers. Using our US private proxies in America, you may simply conceal your primary IP address and other important data.

Purchase a Secure and Anonymous US proxy server from Proxiesforrent

Proxiesforrent is safe, secure, and anonymous. We are efficient in curating accurate IP addresses based on your work with the proxies. Buy US proxies from Proxiesforrent and enjoy –

  • Support specialists 24*7 to solve all your technical issues.
  • Your security is our priority.
  • We also set up and configure your proxies

Buy Proxies from Proxiesforrent and configure proxies for any program you want. We offer a wide range of proxies for bots, sites, online games, etc. Mask your main IP addresses and forget the risk of getting blocked with the help of Proxiesforrent.


If you’re into Web Scraping, AD Verification, SEO or E-Commerce, Proxiesforrent is the best place to be.

How do we pick the best US proxies ?

To choose the greatest Us Proxies, there are numerous technical research series of different kinds. The following criteria were used to select them as the top proxy server:

– Whether our private us proxies can give you a safe, secure, and anonymous experience.
– Do the proxies support faster connections?
– How good is the customer service?
– Is the proxy server reliable and easy to use for offering a pool of IP addresses in the USA?

Based on these standards, we were able to offer the best Us proxies.

You can discover the most genuine US private proxies that are built on stability, dependability, network speed, and simple settings by our technical professionals. All of our US private proxies accurately conceal the location and identity of your IP address.

Why Free US Proxies Is Not Recommended:

Free Us proxies from the Us or any other place are not recommended by any technical competence. The connection speed is poor and unreliable due to how highly insecure they are. Free proxies carry a significant risk of data loss.

Why purchase a US proxy?

The huge uptime of Us proxy is 99.92%. Using a proxy IP from the Us, you can effortlessly browse the internet. The use of proxies is largely risk-free because they protect you from being blocked or blacklisted. dedicated US proxies are an example of an anonymous proxy.

The main benefit of using our premium us proxies is that you may target the 1.3 billion Americans without worrying about your online activity being monitored.

Why should you not use a free Us proxies?

Using free Us proxies seems like a great option that requires no cost. However, it is giving your entire data set to an unidentified recipient. Any security violations can be made use of this info. Technically, you should stay away from such free proxies because there is a significant chance that your identity will be blocked.

It is reasonable to conclude that free proxy in the Us is nothing more than a transparent scam designed to access your data and bring you extra problems. A US private proxies should be used instead of free Us proxies, for this reason.

How to use US Proxies for SEO purposes?

You can use our US Private Proxies for SEO goals in various ways. We might state that finding contact information for outreach is as simple as searching Google. The goals are divided into two categories, i.e.

  1. White Hat SEO:
    It deals with keyword research, competitor analysis, site audit, and rank tracking.
  2. Black Hat SEO:
    Although it is not recommended, many of them use black hat SEO to dominate this competitive field. Fake traffic, backlink building, and comment posting are all part of it. Using White Hat SEO, you can buy us proxies and have your website appear among the top results on different search engines.

Difference between a US private proxies and a free proxies

While free proxies are an open invitation to hackers or scammers, Our Us private proxies are secure. Free proxies are completely unreliable, whereas anonymous proxies can be trusted without any risk. Using free proxies may result in a ban.

Additionally, Shared Us proxies have a large number of concurrent free proxy users. As a result, free proxies’ connection speeds are extremely poor. Your connection speed is quick and secure while using a private proxy because nobody else is using it legally.

What is a Proxy?

A proxy server is an intermediate server which gathers requests of the required resources from the user and provides the same to the user from the target server. A proxy server helps you mask your IP addresses and browse through your target server with a different IP address. This way it gathers information under the head of a masked, unique and unidentified searcher.

What is a Residential Proxy?

In residential proxies, you can choose a specific location and browse as a user of that particular location. It is quite different from the datacenter proxies. It also manages unique IP addresses that assure only a subnet block. Residential proxies are considered to be the safest and the most anonymous proxies as they offer you proxies based on real IP addresses of real locations. This appears to be utmost legitimate on the target server’s part.

How to use a Proxy?

A proxy server is based on many software levels of securities, functionalities and privacy. Based on that you can set up your proxy server. You can also contact your service provider to follow the exact steps to use a proxy.

What is an SSL/ HTPPs Proxy?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is an opaque or a transparent proxy which encrypts or decrypts the data between the users and the target servers. This ensures no detection of the IP address of the user from target servers to the third parties.

What are Datacenter Proxies?

Private proxies which are not associated with a registered ISP are datacenter proxies. It is obtained through a secondary corporation and provides anonymity with a completely private IP attestation.

Is Web Scraping legal using proxies?

It depends on what your web scraping activity is. If you break any laws with regards to the source or the data while web scraping, it will be considered as illegal. Hence a proper analysis of what is legal and what is illegal in web scraping must be understood under proper technical law expertise.

Can I use an USA Proxy online?

Yes! You can use a USA Proxy online as long as you are not violating any laws which are majorly concerned with the source and the data involved.

Can I use USA proxies to watch video streaming websites?

You can use USA proxy online to watch video streaming websites but it is not always suggested by technical expertise. As video streaming websites might plan the amount of traffic beforehand and might detect you.