how to scrape youtube - youtube proxies

How to Scrape YouTube – Youtube Proxies

What’s Web Scraping API?

Web Scraping API is powered by over 40 million datacenters and residential proxies and an advanced web scraper. It excels in gathering public real-time data from websites, especially those that are JavaScript-heavy. The flexible method circumvents geo-restrictions, enables city-level targeting, and retrieves the whole HTML code of the target website.

Finally, the Web Scraping API guarantees a hundred percent success rate, so you only pay for successful searches! You can refer to this blog to know about the Use of proxies for web scraping: The Complete Guide

What is YouTube API used for?

YouTube proxy provides an application programming interface (API) for finding and collecting video data. Only video data, subscriptions, recommendations, ratings, and advertising are scraped using the Datacenter YouTube API. The YouTube API requires authentication and includes quota restrictions to avoid scraping.

You need a scraper that can handle anti-bot blocking, is flexible for various settings and is simple to use. You can code a scraper and scrape your searches. Rather than recreating the wheel, use YouTube Scraper.

What does YouTube Scraper do?

YouTube Scraper extends the capabilities of the official YouTube API. YouTube Scraper offers beyond-the-limitations information on a YouTube search result list.

Each video has the following information: views, description, release date, likes, comments, duration, URL, extract information, search results, video information and subtitles (both user and auto-generated) subscribers, videos, and descriptions.

What does youtube scraper do

Why snoop YouTube?

① Current trends and perspectives are discussed by content producers and commentators.

② Monitor brand mentions, current trends, content rankings, and competitor actions.

③ Remove subtitles for offline reading or for increased accessibility purposes.

④ Utilize video testimonials to automate your purchase decisions.

⑤ Find indecent videos and comments.

⑥ Filter your search results.

What kind of data is accessible from YouTube?

YouTube data may be used for marketing, sales, and research. If your company complies with YouTube’s terms, it may scrape and utilize YouTube data. Video ID may be harvested.

Video title and description.

 Number of views and likes

Comments on videos.

Published Date.

Channel ID.

Video ID.

How does the Web Scraping API scrape YouTube?

Step 1 Visit API documentation > Real-time example.

Step 2 Copy the target URL and provide the following information:

Step 3 Our documentation addresses inserting more data.

Step 4 On the right, choose your programming language. Shell serves as our model.

Step 5 Utilize user: password authentication

Step 6 Select the library and request type as shown below, and then click Copy in the bottom left corner.

What are the advantages of scraping YouTube?

Scraping YouTube may provide information to small and large businesses:

① Competitors

Creating a channel is difficult. Web scraping may give valuable industrial data. Scrape and analyze data from other channels, videos, and playlists.

② Video Performance

Monitoring performance allows your channel to expand. For example, scraping a video page will provide the number of likes, dislikes, channel subscribers, etc., which can assist you in determining what your audience prefers.

Improve performance by youtube proxies

③ Viewers' Opinions And Ideas

YouTube allows viewers to comment on videos. Creators may use these comments to improve their videos and get inspiration. Scrape and get levels.

Is it legal to scrape YouTube?

Scraping YouTube is legal. You may scrape YouTube provided you adhere to copyright and personal data rules. This scraper handles cookies and privacy consent conversations; hence, your YouTube scrape may include personally identifiable information.

GDPR and other regulations protect personal information. Scraping personal information without justification is wrong.

If you’re doubtful, ask your attorneys. Read our blog post on the legalities of web scraping.

While scraping data from YouTube follow these steps:

Step 1 Install WebHarvy first on your computer and Go to the YouTube Scraper.

Step 2 WebHarvy can load and navigate websites similar to a browser.

Step 3 Scrape data from the YouTube video listings page using WebHarvy.

Step 4 Click Start inside the Configuration section of the Home menu.

Step 5 Now we may choose page data to scrape. Select any page data item by clicking on it. WebHarvy displays a Capture window with many options.

Step 6 Before extracting data from page videos, pagination must be established.

Step 7 YouTube adds videos as we navigate the site. Scrolling indefinitely or pagination loaded. To automate this process, choose Set JavaScript from the Pagination pane of WebHarvy’s Configuration menu. Copy and paste the JavaScript into the window.

Step 8 Select More Options > Run Script from the Capture menu by clicking anywhere on the page. Use this code. JavaScript on page

Step 9 Choose which data to scrape.

Step 10 Select the first video title. Use the Capture Text window to scrape text.

Step 11 Choose the URL of the video using Capture target URL.

Step 12 Choose to Follow this link after choosing the video link/title to see further video details.

Step 13 Select More Options > Page by clicking anywhere on the video information page. Scroll down the page. This loads all page data prior to selecting and extracting it.

Step 14 This page includes video data such as views, likes, channel names, and subscribers.

Step 15 After selecting all data, choose to Stop from the Configuration pane of the Home menu.

Step 16 Optionally save the settings.

Step 17 Start data mining using the configuration we created by selecting Start Mine.

Step 18 Mining will display page data in the data table of the miner window.

Step 19 Save extracted data to a file or database.

Step 20 Download your YouTube data.

The top 3 reasons why companies should scrape data from YouTube

1. Opinion mining

Opinion mining, also known as sentiment analysis, uses machine learning to automatically extract sentiment (positive, negative, neutral, etc.) and meaningful information from text data. People promote brands through social media proxies.

Through YouTube video likes and comments, businesses may learn about customers. Businesses may improve and change their products by gaining a knowledge of consumer preferences and expectations.

Increase the number of click with youtube proxies

2. Increase the number of clients:

Referral marketing generate leads best (word-of-mouth recommendations). 90% of customers have faith in recommended brands. Referral marketing expands both B2B and B2C customer bases. Your leads become customers. Engagement in social media and complaint resolution strengthen consumer ties. 85 percent of SMBs use YouTube to get new clients.

3. New trends

YouTube ranks videos based on views. To improve and increase your online presence, analyze the performance, and your YouTube profile must comprehend your target demographic.


Scraping the search results on YouTube proxies proxiesforrent may offer you excellent results; but, in order to make sense of the data you gather, it is likely that you will need to analyze the data. They are always enhancing the performances of our entertainers. Please feel free to submit YouTube Scraper issues to our support team.


1. How do I scrape YouTube?

Initially, provide the JavaScript reading parameter and target URL. POST to the API to receive full-page HTML data.

2. Is it legal to Google scrape websites?

Scraping the web is not illegal, but it is unethical. Web scraping, such as Google Search Engine, may increase web use. You can scrape websites without getting blacklisted.

3. Can web scraping result in a block?

Scraping the web is not illegal, but it is unethical. Web scraping, such as Google Search Engine, may increase web use.

4. Should I use a proxy when scraping YouTube?

Similar to other social media players, scrapers need cheap datacenter proxies to function. Utilize either Proxiesforrent proxy servers or your own private datacenter proxy. This factor suggests datacenter proxy use.

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