Web Crawling Vs Web Scraping

Web Crawling Vs Web Scraping

The engagements on the web have been increasing day by day with everything going online. Businesses and people have increased their existence on the web by a mile and have developed different techniques and mechanisms in order to search and scrape data on the web. One such technology is web crawling and web scraping technologies which helps you find, scrape and process data in an automated way that eases out your efforts and at the same time offers you maximum efficiency in finding data on the web.

What is Web Scraping?

Web scraping also is known as a web scraper tool makes your work easy by helping you to perform data scraping and extracting a large amount of data from websites, using automated bots for web data scraping. The efficient big data web scraping assists you to do a programmatic analysis on locating data and then extracting data in a required concise and accurate way. Web Scraping meaning does not just means that you are just limited to scraping data from the web, but this amazing tool also lets you search and perform analysis on anything and from anywhere virtually.

The Basics of Web Scraping

No matter how complex work the Web Scraping tools handle, it is very simple to understand how it provides!

Web Scraping is made possible effectively with the help of both Web crawlers and web scrapers as they work in a collaborative way. Making it simple

  • What is a web crawler in web scraping?

Web crawlers are the initiators who initiate the search and indexing on the web through the effective power of artificial intelligence to land on the perfect page or link from where the information or data can be extracted.

  • What is a web scraper in web scraping?

Once the web crawler finds the perfect page and link, the next whole work is done by the web scrapers who then accurately and efficiently extracts valuable data as per the guide.

The Web Scraping Process – 3 simple steps

The web scraping process comprises easy steps due to its utmost flexibility and scalability in finding, extracting, and storing data. And Proxieforrent’s professionals and a team of scraper developers make the process of How web scraping works more streamlined. The 3 simple steps for performing web scraping are as follows

  1. Firstly, the team of our scraper developers and experts creates the most efficient scraper tool matching your project requirements and specifically setting the targets according to the web pages and sources from where you are going to scrape data. 
  2. Secondly, the real work of the scraper tool developed starts, where it can perform minimal data scraping to huge big data web scraping as per your project requirements. The data is extracted accurately and quickly through the web scrapers and then the data is retrieved in an HTML format. Once the data is retrieved, the data is then filtered from all the noise surrounding it.
  3. Thirdly and lastly, the data is stored as per the specifications of your project and availed to you in the format and the way you need it. You can also manipulate your data or keep it raw as per your needs. 

This web scraping process can be performed and altered on the basis of different project objectives, whether it be regarding web scraping for marketing or web scraping financial data.

What is Web Scraping used for?

Web scraping is one of those effective tools today which can automate some of the major activities precisely and efficiently. Also scraping web data with python has brought new innovations and productivity in supporting the web scrapers in order to result in the best web data scraping using python. Be it for any field or source, web data scraping can be utilized effectively to perform some of the vital activities on the web like

  • Monitoring prices along with monitoring of competitor’s prices and products.
  • Trend Monitoring of products on the web and making decisions accordingly.
  • Extracting useful inputs from financial exchange and institutions ultimately ends investors to make well-informed decisions.
  • Estimating and analyzing a company’s financials and fundamentals. 
  • Web scraping data science project extracting useful data science information from the web.
  • Estimation and analytics of market directions
  • Product tracking in the industry and following up with new trends effectively.
  • Consumer sentiment and emotional analysis. 
  • Decision-making for valuable investments.
Web Scraping can benefit almost every business

Web Scraping can benefit almost every business

Web data scraping could turn out to be a real boon to gain an edge over your competitors as it helps you to scrape data from websites and other sources which could help your business to make valuable decisions and upright analysis on the market trends, product advancements, tracking price analysis, scanning of stock inventories, products, etc., acquisitions of valuable topics, keywords and hashtags to make the perfect use of social media crawling tools and whatnot.

It helps all kinds of businesses including e-commerce, Travel, cybersecurity, recruiting firms, social media marketers, stockbrokers, financial investors, and many more. Almost all kinds of businesses can make the perfect use of applications of web scraping to scrape and analyze valuable data which could turn out to be valuable to their business growth.

Web Scraping options

Gone are days, when you had to perform web scraping manually and paste it on excel or other orthodox programs. Today the best web data scraping tools have made their way to use some of the best and optimized technologies built of artificial intelligence to perform web scraping in an automated and more accurate way.

The web scraping process can be performed in multiple ways today with the help of developers and without developers as well. Though the scraper tool developed intensively by the dedicated developers is considered to be more optimized and efficient that follows project requirements firmly and reduces wastage.

Web scraping can also be performed through open-source platforms running on their own servers. The web scraping can also be performed without developers with the help of manual point-and-click tools which can be used for small and limited projects. Some point-and-click tools also might use Artificial intelligence and bots but still won’t be capable of extracting data from heavy websites.

One more option could be to avail turnkey solutions from dedicated web scraping consultancies.

The Future of Web Scraping and Data Extraction

With so much inclination towards the web and how everything is going online, web data scraping is seen to be going leaps and bounds as it has already become a hugely popular tool to perform big data web scraping and aggregating data for various important purposes like data analysis, artificial intelligence, decision making, trend monitoring, competition monitoring, product follow-ups and much more. It is indeed the future of how we collect valuable data and insights from the market through the efficient automated techniques of web scraping tools.

What is Web Crawling?

Web crawling is the way of data crawling which sets the base for web scrapers to initiate their search indexing. The Web crawling meaning signifies the finding and visiting of the right web page or website through intensive research of lists of links and websites, from where the data could be the most beneficial to scrape. Web crawling has been using the powers of python that walk through a series of webpages in an automated way and provides the most valuable search making data crawling using python effective. Also, when you crawl data from the website python, you get an easily expandable interface and compatibility to build the perfect foundation that could match up with your requirements productively.

Difference between Web Scraping and Web Crawling

There’s just a simple difference between web crawling vs web scraping as they both also complement their own functioning. The web crawlers are basically the tools that perform the same function as a search engine does i.e. of going through the web, finding the perfect information, and following the links to the ultimate destination from where the most valuable data can be extracted. Web crawlers are known how to crawl data to find the most crucial data in an organized way.

Once the web crawlers do their work of finding the best information source, the web scrapers come into the action of extracting, downloading, and scraping useful data from the information source crawled. Web scraping takes out the data and the information needed from the links and webpages found through web crawling.

Web Crawling and web scraping go hand-in-hand and can be used as step 1 and step 2 in the process of effective data generation in an automated and more accurate manner.

Crawling Vs Scraping

As discussed before in a nutshell, Web Crawling is where the research of links and webpages to found the ultimate target starts whereas Web Scraping is where the data found from the targeted source or link is extracted or downloaded. Data scraping is then performed to scrape all the specific data needed from the sources found using web crawling.

  • Crawling needs an automated assist whereas scraping can be done manually as well.
  • Crawling buffers up with useful links and sources from where information could be found, whereas Scraping filters out the information as per the specific needs. 
  • Crawling only goes through the selected targets whereas Scraping extracts data from the selected targets.
  • Crawling may accumulate duplicated information due to excess gathering whereas duplication can be avoided by filtering out information during scraping. 

What software should you use?

The choice of software depends majorly on your preferred scraping methods. For web crawler software, you can use the ultimate data crawler software also known as the spider which gives you an automated function of indexing and searching for the most probable source.

On the other hand, for scraping you can adjust the usage of the software as per your project requirements. For instance, if you are a beginner, then ParseHub and OctoParse could be recommended. Though the highly recommended software which can manage any project is the use of Python where Scrapy or Beautiful Soup can be used.

What is Data Scraping?

What is Data Scraping?

Data scraping is the process of scraping or extracting publicly available data on the web or maybe on a computer and importing it to the local systems in a filtered and specific manner. Data scraping meaning does not just relate to the use of the internet but it can also be carried out without any internet connection as well.

Data Scraping for businesses

Data scraping has transformed businesses and has been the ultimate tool for business development. Data-driven businesses are termed to be leveraging on the valuable data scraped through the web to make better decisions and understand the market and consumer behavior better.

With increased engagements on the web, data-driven businesses can only succeed by scraping valuable insights on the web and consumer patterns on the web.

Data scraping can be very beneficial for businesses majorly in analyzing competitor’s activities, tracking market trends, extracting useful insights for marketing and sales campaigns, tracking product trends and developments, making informed investment decisions based on accurate data, risk management, strategy framing, and many more.

Web Scraping – The multitude of uses

Web scraping with the assistance of our robust proxy network gives you a fast, anonymous, and highly productive data scraping solution which can be used for multiple uses as follows

  • Contact information of the prospects
  • Product monitoring
  • Competitor business tracking and price monitoring
  • Real estate price comparisons
  • Tracking the website changes of a particular website
  • Detecting whether data and information.
  • Catching up with online ranks and impressions
  • Tracking of travel prices through flights, trains, buses, couriers, etc.
  • Keeping up with market trends of new product releases. 

Price Scraping with a Proxy network

Price scraping plays a major role to determine and track market prices and gather valuable insights regarding competitor price and product strategies. Though sometimes there are two most common challenges while performing Price scraping. IP blocking and IP cloaking.

IP blocking is where your connection requests are not answered as it blocks your IP to carry out any web scraping on your targeted site’s server. IP cloaking is another major challenge where you are misleading with faulty and wrong data which leads you to scrape fabricated data in a misleading direction.

Here is where a proxy network can help you subtly to counter all these challenges using a legitimate residential proxy IP which can mask your original IP and let you web scrape from another authentic IP that appears to be legitimate and seems as if any normal person is looking through their web.

Using an unlimited web scraping proxy 

Web scraping cannot be done endlessly as when you access any given server so many times, your connection requests are bound to a limit, and exceeding that would lead your IP to get banned very soon. This is where an unlimited rotating web scraping proxy network can help you to access any server from multiple location-based IPs regularly.

With unlimited web scraping proxies, the scrapers won’t get detected from a mile as the proxy network is un-blockable. It is also quite easy to process as the rotating proxy network gives you a wide pool of legitimate IPs in regular intervals on its own.

What are proxies and why do they need them?

Proxies help you to mask your original IP or say original location with an alternate IP address which helps you to perform unlimited actions on the web. As web scraping involves thousands and millions of connection requests to be sent, there are chances that the IP through which the web scraping is performed gets banned and blacklisted due to the number of requests exceeded.

Proxies that too rotating residential proxies here help you to have multiple legitimate IP addresses that belong to specific residential locations and gives you the assistance to make even millions of data scraping requests on the web with different locations that will never get you tracked or get under the lights of the web.


Web crawling and Web scraping tools could be an ultimate boon to businesses in making valuable decisions based on the useful insights generated through data scraping on the web. The data generated through web scraping could help businesses assess important measures and trends related to market, competitors, and consumer behavior.

Though there are certain obstacles while performing web scraping activities due to IP blocking and cloaking which could damage businesses to a major extent. Though this can also be managed with the help of a useful rotating residential proxy network that avails you multiple authentic residential IPs in regular intervals to scrape data on the web with multiple identities. This removes even the mere chances of your IP getting blocked, blacklisted, or banned on the web.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Web Scraping legal?

Yes, Web scraping is legal but one also has to abide by the legal terms surrounding web scraping.

Is Scraping Amazon legal?

Yes, scraping amazon is legal. One can see all the prices, product reviews, and everything on Amazon.

Spider and Crawler are the tools used for web crawling interchangeably in support of a data crawler software used. These can also be called as automatic indexers when used with the web crawler software.

Is scraping and crawling the same thing?

No, crawling and scraping are two different things but they complement each other. Web crawling is used to find and organize information whereas web scraping is done to take and extract information from the information source to local systems.

What is the point of web scraping? 

Web scraping helps you to find and extract a large amount of important data in an automated and accurate manner. Big data web scraping helps to gather data from the web in an easy and more convenient way.

What is web scraping good for?

Web scraping could be used effectively to make informed decisions based on the data acquired through big data web scraping.

What is the meaning of data crawling in the Internet? 

Data crawling is done by the web crawler on the internet that looks out the whole web to find the most probable source for the data. These are the initiators of gathering publicly available data from the web.

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