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All You Need To Know About Web Crawler And Its Uses For Getting Your Website Recognized

The internet is the answer to many questions, and each one of us just types our doubts and queries into the search bar and waits for the answers to appear, and magically, the search engine comes out with not one but several answers to your single question. But, have you ever thought about how it’s done? Well, it’s done by a web crawler

In today’s competitive world, every business must be well informed about what is going on the other side. For this, a great deal of information has to be extracted, and search engines are the easiest way to make it possible. So if you want to know all about this amazing web crawling technology, just go through this article and find out.

What is a web crawler?

Modern business is technology-driven, and when speed matters, you need the help of web crawlers to crawl into the web pages and get you the information you want. If you need the exact definition, it is as follows:

Web crawling meaning: a tool that search engines use to help you get the information by going through the required websites. It is also called a spider bot because it will crawl through the web pages and extract all the information you need. The web crawler bot crawls the entire internet and searches and downloads the contents, and provides the exact information you need.

So now that you know, web crawler meaning let’s see how the search engines use the technology called the spider crawl to index all the search results brought in by the bots to get any information easy and fast. The crawler search engine uses spiders/ bots to crawl through the internet to extract links to add other additional pages to the search engine. 

To further learn what a web crawler you will need to complete reading this article; it will also tell you to know what a web crawler and how it works.

web  crawlerHow does a web crawler work?

When it comes to extracting information from the internet, spiders are the saviours of search engines.  Web Crawlers crawl through the web pages and go about their work in the following way:

  • By tracking down the URL’s
  • Check out the list of seeds given by the search engine
  • Index the results
  • Update the index
  • Web crawler tracks downlinks and indexes them so that the search engine can use them for the information

Web crawling is the ultimate choice of search engines and a way of getting into the web pages to keep its customers and internet browsers happy by providing them with all the information they need. Certain computer programs choose certain sites to crawl. It also looks into the updated version and decides if it is good enough for crawling.

Crawling is done every second on the internet, and when you understand what a web crawler is and how it works, you will understand how tedious the work is. So whenever you search for something, always remember that nothing is coming easy for you.

So how do web crawlers work? It is by relentlessly searching the internet websites 24/7 by taking the help of several algorithms. When you search the internet, google’s crawl url web page and help find the link to the websites; it indexes them so that the search engines can extract the data required. If you want to know if Google has done data crawling on your website, you can just update the Google search console, which will give you detailed information about the crawling.

web scrapingWhat is search indexing?

When a browser searches for information on the net, Google should know where to look for it. Google usually concentrates on the text and the unseen metadata where the crawler search engine has done its indexing. So when your text appears on the search bar, the search engine goes through the index and selects the words that are compatible with your search.

Why are web crawlers called spiders?

As you know, we get into the websites by typing www. It stands for the Worldwide Web. So when the original internet search engines use their spiders or bots to crawl the web pages, it is called web crawling.

What are some web crawler examples?

When Google search engines use web crawlers for extracting the information from the web, it makes the search easier for the internet users because they get lots of results from a single search. With the help of web crawler bots, Google can index the results and provide them to the browsers. Web crawling is thus one of the most innovative technologies or artificial intelligence software that the modern world cannot do without. So when spiders crawl through the websites, it is for once not frightening. Below are given a few examples of web crawlers:

  • DuckDuckBot
  • Yandex bot
  • Alexa crawler
  • Exabot 

web scraping

What is the difference between web crawling and web scraping

When web crawling is done, it provides the users with useful information, and it is done with the permission of the website. But when it is web scraping, it is usually done without the knowledge of the website and is used for illegal activities. So when it comes to web scraping vs web crawling- scrapping is done with malicious intent by copying the data from other websites and posting it as their own by doing slight modifications. The webcrawler deals with metadata that is not visible to the person searching. But web scraping copies the visible content of the website. 

So when someone asks what is the difference between web scraping and web crawling? The answer is simple: web crawling provides you information so that it helps the internet user. Web crawling is done with permission, and you can block it if you do not want Google to crawl your website. But unlike the spider crawl, scrapping is a black hat SEO technique, and it replicates the web site’s contents to post it as its own. Web crawling scans the pages and indexes them so that the search engine can use them.

Why Web crawlers matter for SEO, and how does the Web Crawler help SEO Experts?

Businesses or companies need to be ranked on the top pages of the search engine. So when a spider crawls your website, your website automatically appears in the search engine. So to define crawling in SEO, when Google sends its spider bots to a website to scan the website pages, it means that Google has already taken the website to rank it in its search engine, and it will get indexed. 

Google SEO crawler on your website means Google now recognizes you, and when there is a search, your site will appear in the search engine. So as an SEO expert, the crawler search engine will have your site indexed and ready to be used for its information. As a result, your website will be ranked better, and if it is being crawled regularly, then any changes on your website will be updated, and only the fresh ones will be shown.

What is Web Crawling Used for?

When google crawler is used on your website, it scans the web pages to index the pages for further reference of the search engine. It is used to extract the website’s information and make it available to the people who want it. The webcrawler search engines google searches and provide an indexed data so that the Google search engine has an idea where to look for information. The Google SEO crawler is called the Google bot and is used for its crawling purposes.

What are the types of web crawlers?

Getting interested in our crawling business then here are a few search engine spider names:

  • Search engine web crawlers for personal websites
  • commercial website crawlers 
  • desktop web crawling
  • cloud-based website crawlers

These are the names of the web crawlers that can crawl on your websites and get recognized by Google.

What web crawler bots are active on the Internet

Here are a few search engine spider names that are active on the internet:

  • Google bot
  • Yandex bot
  • Baiduspider
  • Bing bot

The original internet search engines were launched in the early ’90s but cannot compete with the modern ones. The web crawlers are a more recent technological innovation and help in indexing the web pages. Web Crawler software makes all the modern search results appear on your screens much faster and more relevant. As technology is constantly evolving, web crawling bots also have developed into more advanced ones and make indexing easier and simple. Let the Google spiders crawl your website so that your website gets the ranking it needs.  

Why is it important for bot management to take web crawling into account?

When your website is used for data crawling, you should make sure that it is the good bots like web crawlers that are scanning your site. Bad bots can cause severe damage to your website, and you need to block them. Webcrawler are the good bots that need to crawl on your website so that they are recognized by the Google search engine, and they appear when someone searches for information. Web crawling needs to be taken into account by the bot management so that only good bots enter a website.


Search engines use web crawler tool to extract information from various websites. The webcrawler is a computer program that uses its web crawling techniques to scan the pages of the website and index them for further use by the search engine. Webcrawlers collects the relevant texts, links, images, keywords etc., and indexes and stores this information. So the spider crawl for once is welcome and does more good than bad.


1.Who created the web crawler?

Webcrawler was created by Brian Pinkerton while still a student. Webcrawlers was just a desktop application at the start, but now web crawling is greatly adaptable and is a modern web search engine used by millions of companies worldwide. 

2.Why do I want my website to be crawled?

When web crawlers crawl a certain website, they are indexed in the search engine and appear when a search occurs. Webcrawler is one of the good bots that can make your website get recognized. If web crawling is done repeatedly, it updates all the changes, and only the updated version appears on the search engine.

3.What is crawling in SEO

Data crawling by Google bots or other search engines is the first step to getting your website recognized. The Crawler search engine crawls your website and indexes your data, and it is gets recognized.

4.Is Google a web crawler or a web scraper?

Google sends its web crawlers to crawl the websites for information. Web Crawler by Google search engine will result in getting you recognized, and web crawling can help your website get onto the browsers screens.

5.What is web scraping using python?

Python is the most popularly used for web scraping. web crawling using python is called web spidering and is a great tool. 

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