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Protecting your brand with a Proxy Network

For any company, cybersecurity is a prominent concern. Day by day, the variety and complexity of threats facing modern business is growing. Businesses will remain vulnerable to external intrusions unless adequate measures are taken to put defenses against potential attacks in place and to respond to current threats when they are detected.

There are several methods of protecting the network of a business. With corporate network threats continuing to multiply, stronger and stronger defenses were needed to ensure that these networks stayed secure. But while these defenses have had to become more complex, there must always be a focus on usability in order to head off the increasingly sophisticated threats they defend against.

A proxy network is one of the many options available to businesses that are trying to strengthen the security of their corporate networks. It can confer many of the same advantages as a VPN by positioning a proxy server between a corporate network and the broader internet, but it also brings some other additional benefits to the table. Let us also add that various tasks require different levels of anonymity. Residential proxies will work wonders here for higher anonymity, as this totally masks your IP.

How an additional layer of security can be added by introducing a proxy server to your business network?

Adding a proxy server to your business network would introduce an additional security layer, as well as allowing you to monitor the flow of traffic in and out of your network in a much more detailed and granular way. There are several good reasons for connecting your business network to a proxy server:

How an additional layer of security can be added by introducing a proxy server to your business network?

1. Improve your corporate security

Every business today is worried about the potential for cyber attacks not only are cyber attacks a huge problem they are also getting more costly as time goes on. There is a range of ways in which security breaches can be financially damaging, whether businesses face responsibility for breaches that reveal personal data of customers, or they suffer harm to their reputation as a result of the breach.

In the first place, a proxy server decreases the probability of such a brief occurring, providing an extra layer of security between your network and the internet. As a way of tracking and filtering incoming and outgoing traffic, the proxy server can then be used. This will not allow them access to the servers that actually store confidential company data, even though an attacker is able to access the proxy server.

2. Improve Anonymity

For most individuals, proxies are best known for their ability to improve the privacy of internet users. The personal IP address of the user would be hidden when connecting to the internet through a proxy server, making it much more difficult to trace them. In fact, this is for residential proxies, where an Internet Service Provider (ISP) assigns residential proxies to a homeowner. This implies that the proxy would be valid and mask the IP address of your business without the risk of looking like a fake.

3. Balance traffic

Nothing is more frustrating for your users and consumers than when your website goes down and is unavailable for extended periods. It is a preventable problem much of the time when this happens. They can cause your servers to crash and your website to go down, either poor network maintenance or the work of attackers taking advantage of weak security. Both of these conditions are preventable, and both can be helped by a proxy server.

4. Control employee internet usage

You will also need to track how it is used internally if you want your corporate network to remain free of external threats. Employees that are reckless with their use of the internet may end up undermining the entire network’s security which could lead to some serious problems. Many businesses choose, for this purpose, to operate their internal networks on a proxy server.

5. Save bandwidth

It can also contribute to much quicker and more effective internet use, in addition to the protection and efficiency benefits that a proxy server can bring. You can reduce the bandwidth usage considerably by using a proxy server to compress internet traffic, cache regularly viewed files and web pages, and strip away advertising from websites. This provides the workers with more bandwidth available to use and ensures that they still have fast internet access.

The Importance of a Brand Protection

1. Brands are among the most significant assets that any business has. For the overall health of your business, keeping your brands healthy, and maintaining their reputation is essential. It will significantly increase the value of your business if you are able to maintain a good brand. When you have a strong brand to put forward, you will have a much easier time attracting investors and clients.

2. Your labels also act as a shorthand for the values and culture of your business. This further adds to their value and understands the importance of protecting them. Your business also takes a hit when your brand takes a hit. A brand’s damage can easily spread to its developer, as well as the parent business.

3. Just as your clients will come to see your brand as a defining feature of your business, so will your employees. A powerful brand can encourage talent far more easily. It will also make existing employees more likely to build a feeling of loyalty to your business. Definitely, brands are essential to a business. And, as a result, the security of these brands is also the same. For the most part, but not entirely, protecting a brand is thereby avoiding theft. If you don’t take active steps to ensure that your brand is protected, if a competitor might try to steal an entire brand or a single idea that you have invested in that brand, they will be successful.

Why Choose Proxy Over a VPN?

Why Choose Proxy Over a VPN?

1.Virtual Private Network (VPN) is provided by a secure encrypted communications tunnel between a device and a server. Businesses also use VPNs to allow their remote-working workers to connect with the corporate server securely. An attacker won’t be able to intercept them because these communications are secured.

2. In a similar way to a VPN, a residential proxy network can still keep your data encrypted and secure, something that is crucial in any modern business. In order to trace internet traffic back to your corporate servers, a would-be hacker or thief trying to access or steal sensitive company data will use a number of techniques; a proxy can effectively thwart this.

3. Why a proxy should work better than a VPN? Well, there is one good explanation. And that is, you’ll need a proxy if you operate in one location and you need to get details from another location while staying anonymous. A residential proxy, and not any proxy. In various locations, a residential proxy can create several links, and that is what a VPN can not do.

Become Anonymous Online with Proxies

1. It helps you to remain highly anonymous online by browsing the internet via a proxy server. Anonymity is guaranteed since the proxies given are residential. This ensures that the IP addresses are accurate as though they were given to a homeowner by an internet service provider. Part of the security advantages that a proxy provides as anonymous web browsing to businesses means that IP addresses for your employees can not be tracked.

2. On the other hand, if you connect with a proxy server to the internet, this server can retrieve websites and the internet interface for you. This implies that any links traced back to the source would lead back to the proxy server, not to your network’s individual machines.

Become Anonymous Online with Proxies


A proxy server can be a valuable addition to your brand protection strategy by keeping your traffic anonymous and providing you with a much greater degree of control over your network. The average business sends and receives data continuously, much of it linked to sensitive projects and ideas. To keep brands safe and encourage an overall healthy business, it is important to keep this data secure.

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Frequently Asked Question

1. What is proxy in networking?

A proxy server functions between you and the internet as a gateway. It is an intermediate server that divides end users from the pages they are browsing. Depending on the use case, requirements, or company policy, proxy servers provide varying levels of availability, protection, and privacy.

2. How to detect proxy server in network?

In the Internet Options window, select the “Connections” tab. Click the “LAN Settings” button.  If there is a checkmark in the box next to the “Use a proxy server for your LAN” option, your PC accesses the Web through a proxy server. Your computer does not use a proxy server if there is no checkmark in the box.

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