What is proxy server and how can we use it?

A proxy server is a computer that intermediary between users’ computers and the internet. It allows clients computers to make indirect network connections to other network services.

We use the proxy server for various purposes like sharing internet connections, hide IP addresses, implement internet access control, access block websites and so on.


There are some benefits using a proxy server:

1. We can share the internet connection on a LAN. In small business, there are multiple computers where we can use only one internet connection for all.

2. To speed up internet surfing. if we use the proxy server it will reach the proxy server at first and get feedback from proxy server.it is quicker than direct accessing.

3. You can access the internet as an anonymous user. a proxy server can act as an intermediary between the users’ computer and the internet to prevent the attack and unexpected access.

4. To implement internet access control like authentication for internet connection, Bandwidth control, online time control, and content filter, etc.

5. It is used to scan outbound content, for example, prevent form data leak.


Use of proxy server for Internet explorer

Click on “tools”> internet Options > Connections > LAN settings > Select “Use a proxy server for your LAN”-> “Advance.”

Use a proxy server for firefox

Click on “tools”-> “options” -> “Advanced” -> “Network”-> “Connections”–>”Setting” ->”Manual Proxy configuration”



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