What is anonymous proxy

What is an Anonymous Proxy?

What is an Anonymous Proxy?

An Anonymous proxy server is the opposite of transparent proxy servers where your identity information whether it is your original or masked one is not exposed to the targeted server. These are also known as the anonymizer or the proxy server and anonymizer which anonymize your whole identity in front of the website or server requested.

These Proxy servers and anonymizers are capable of erasing or encrypting your identity information completely before taking your connection request ahead. It offers a system that scrapes your IP address and makes it to be completely anonymous. These anonymous proxy servers’ IP addresses can also sometimes get you the target information without even using any specific software or script which makes you completely anonymous and undetectable.

How does a high anonymity proxy work?

An anonymous proxy acts as an intermediary between your device and the requested or Targeted server. These proxies in the middle, erase and encrypt all the information regarding your identity and origin before taking any of your targeted requests forward. The best high anonymity proxy can yield you the benefit of getting your targeted information without making use of any software or scripts, making you completely anonymous and unidentical in front of the targeted server.

Are anonymous proxies safe?

Are Anonymous proxies safe?

An anonymous proxy is of utmost safe and undetectable if availed by the best proxy providers and networks. But if you fall into the traps of the best free anonymous proxy servers, you might have a chance of getting trapped by professional hackers or maybe the Government. A free anonymous proxy website will lead you to less anonymity of your encrypted identity and might lead your data to be exposed.

Being the reason, why should always go for the trusted proxy networks and providers who offer you the utmost guarantee for your identity’s anonymity. Proxiesforrent is among the most trusted Proxy providers in the industry offering one of the safest, most secure, and anonymous proxies with the utmost guarantee.

What is the best Anonymous Proxy Server?

The anonymous proxy you should choose should act as the most anonymous intermediary that encrypts your data with utmost anonymity. Choosing the best anonymous proxy server should involve the ultimate testing of your proxy server on whether your anonymous proxy is fast and can work on a simple internet speed measurement tool.

Check how your requests look like when sent through the anonymous proxy server’s IP addresses. You can check this by just searching IP identification services online, that describe your whole identity information if it is not made anonymous.

Never get into the traps of the best free anonymous proxy servers as they may sound free and attractive, but they hold higher chances of getting your identity information revealed.

Why people use Anonymous Proxy Services?

Using an anonymous proxy has endless benefits that people can make the most of. First of all, it gives you the perfect anonymous private proxy servers IP addresses that are untraceable and undetectable. It gets people the targeted information and the required information without localization.

Anonymous proxies offer safety and security against identity thefts and the stealth of data. It keeps your search history unexposed and avoids targeted marketing and advertising of Ads and marketing activities of others on the internet.

What is a Proxy and what is an IP address?

Before we jump directly into what a proxy is, let us first understand what an IP address is. In simple words, an IP address is a location from where you are using the internet. An IP address is your identity information forwarded to the requested server when browsing the internet. If you disclose your IP address, the receiving server will know everything about your identity, your location, and all the information related to you.

Here is where the use of datacenter proxy signifies its worth. A Proxy server is an intermediary that masks and hides your identity with an alternate legitimate identity while sending the requests to the targeted server. A proxy server helps you achieve your dreams of hiding my IP address online by hiding your identity with anonymity. These anonymous proxy services are of utmost help when it comes to scraping the internet. Proxy servers also come in the form of VPN proxy server services.

How does proxy work?

How does proxy work?

As discussed above, proxy let your dreams come true of “Hide my IP address online” by providing anonymous services of masking your original IP address with an alternate and authentic IP address. You would first have to set a proxy server in your device to let your connection requests go through that. Once it is enabled, the requests sent through your device to any targeted server would be based entirely on the different IP addresses generated by the proxy server.

Proxy server anonymous browsing brings you multiple benefits of browsing online without any limitations, browsing safely, and browsing through geo-based restricted content without any restrictions.

What are the different types of Proxies?

There could be many kinds of different proxies, but the most generic and basic proxy types are as follows

  • Anonymous Proxy – Anonymous proxies are the most famous for offering anonymous services that completely hide your identity.
  • High Anonymous Proxy – By their name, these are the most anonymous proxies that come with the best high anonymity proxy services which don’t actually present themselves as a proxy server. It is so anonymous that it presents itself as a regular computer and a real user. One example could be Residential proxies. 
  • Transparent Proxy – These proxies are not anonymous as they completely keep your identity information transparent.
  • Reverse Proxy – These are safe browsing proxies that prevent unwanted traffic on the internet from free access and getting in contact with your computer. It keeps you anonymous in front of the public that is reaching out to you. 

The Advantages of using a Proxy server

Hide my IP address free online can have multiple advantages to surfing on the internet anonymously. The most important and major benefit of an anonymous proxy server is that it avails you with a big bucket of privacy. Your identity is completely private to you and no one can see it. It allows you to browse through the internet seamlessly without any limitations and make you to perform bulk activities with the utmost freedom.

Marketing gets a lot more easier and effective with the help of an anonymous proxy server’s IP addresses. Also, bypassing geo-based restrictions hold as one of its key benefits. You can watch and scrape all the content and information you are looking for on the web without any limitation of location-based restrictions.

You can avail of the free proxy hide IP address download on the internet, but we reckon you go for the trusted proxy vendors like Proxiesforrent.

What is the difference between a Proxy and a VPN?

What is the difference between a Proxy and a VPN?

Understanding the difference between VPN and datacenter Proxy servers, they both offer the same thing i.e. anonymity to the identity of the users. But there lasts a difference between the two.

A proxy server only offers an anonymous IP masking of your original IP address for one application at a time. So as the proxy servers act as an intermediary, all the traffic flowing into you or your requests flowing to the web has to go through this proxy server. This server changes your identity information and helps you to achieve “Hide my IP address online”.

Whereas on the other hand, VPN secures your complete internet access which replaces your whole ISP for all the applications being used. These come with better security by protecting you completely from online activities and programs. You get faster connections and encryption for all the applications used. To get the best of VPN services, contact Proxiesforrent today!


Anonymous proxies can be of utmost significance and importance to performing web browsing smoothly, safely, and without any restrictions. These anonymous proxies play a major role in keeping your identity information completely undetectable which keeps your identity hidden and safe to get tracked.

It can have multifarious benefits for people from all walks of life who are browsing the internet. To avail, of some of the most trusted and effective anonymous proxy plans, contact Proxiesforrent today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are anonymous proxy add-ons worth it?

An Anonymous proxy add-on or extension is only beneficial if it connects perfectly to the proxy you own.

What is the Anonymous Proxy tool?

Anonymous Proxy tools also known as anonymizers are the tools that make your activities on the internet completely untraceable. It acts as an intermediary between you and the targeted server and lets all the traffic flow. This makes the anonymizers forward your requests with a different identity in order to anonymize your original identity.

How to detect proxy servers in the network?

Check the Internet options of your browser in which to check the connections and specifically LAN Settings. If there is any indication or check mark on the “Use a proxy for your LAN connection” option, then your device accesses the web through a proxy network.

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