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What can be done to fix the Instagram IP ban & How to bypass the IP ban? A complete guide

Instagram IP Ban

Social media is an integral part of everyday life for a lot of us. In reality, it’s not only important but it is practically necessary. It may be disturbing to discover that Instagram is not accessible any longer being on the receiving side of an Instagram IP ban. Surprisingly, to support you combat the ban there are Instagram proxies.

What does an IP address mean?

‣ Whenever a system connects to the internet, the IP address is allocated.

‣ An IP address of your device can be thought of as a virtual number plate, each online system has one and that’s unique.

‣ Although each IP address is unique to the system to which it is allocated, it also comprises data about the user.

‣ Since it includes information on where the connection is originating from, an IP address may be tracked attention to a specific location.

‣ This is what really allows websites to block users in particular parts around the world from accessing content.

IP address

How does Instagram recognize the IP address?

Your system links to an online server when you navigate to a website or internet service. It executes something called a handshake when your system first builds a server connection. It doesn’t matter what the details of this procedure are. 

What is crucial is that this process of the handshake is needed for every system to connect online with anything and the device displays its IP address to the server to which it is connecting as an outcome of this handshake. The system you are using for connecting Instagram will notify Instagram of what the IP address is.

What does an IP ban on Instagram signify?

An Instagram IP banned implies that it will decline any connections from the IP address which is banned. This ensures that anybody who tries to connect to the service would encounter themselves unable to enter it, either through the web browser or the application of Instagram.

How to determine if I am banned on Instagram?

‣ This could mean an Instagram IP ban if you cannot access your Instagram in any way & have also checked that the platform is running for other users.

‣ The very first step you need to do is check and confirm that it is your IP has been blocked and not your account.

‣ To perform this, delete your web browser’s cookies.

‣ If your account has been banned and not the IP, clearing your cookies will log out your account from devices and as an unregistered guest, it will allow you to access the site.

Instagram IP ban

What can be done about an IP Ban on Instagram? 

• All the devices linked to the internet via the same router indicates they all will be impacted by an IP ban.

• If anyone who is connected to you attempts to trigger an IP ban on Instagram, every device linked will be affected.

• Surprisingly, to bypass the ban and regain access to the service of Instagram, there are some kinds of tasks you can really do.

• The next thing after clearing your cookies and verified that it is the IP address that is banned and not your account you need to do is to connect with a different web browser.

• To be certain it is the IP address that is blocked, access Instagram on a web browser that you have never used for the same before. If so you can change your IP.

How to switch IP with the help of proxy?

It is feasible to change the IP address, but not without its own complications. However, you can lend another unique IP address to use with the help of a Proxy. Your system connects first to an intermediary server whenever you access the internet through a proxy, as this server is used as a bridge between it and the internet.

In the scenario of VPNs, these servers are placed in the data centers which tender them simple to identify. IP addresses of VPN servers can even be blocked by Instagram and other online assistance. Residential proxies are structured to be identical to actual residential connections. If you link to the web through a residential proxy you would still hold a residential IP.

How to avoid the IP ban?

➡ Indeed Instagram will ban the user who behaves poorly with other users, we all are aware of the simple netiquette. Assuming that you have not done something apparent to trigger a ban but it is safe to take the required actions. There are some things you can do to avoid accidentally disturbing Instagram’s safeguards.

➡ It is critical that you take this approach if your account is already banned on Instagram. Firstly, unless you have posted something, don’t begin with liking or commenting on other’s posts. Aim to expand your upload over a few days and don’t begin to like and comment unless you’ve had days or weeks of uploading.

➡ You will encounter the dreaded ‘Action Blocked’ pop-up notification if you unintentionally unlock Instagram’s automatic spam detection while operating the app. Click the ‘Tell us’ option to alert or report Instagram and have them double checked if you encounter this notification in error.

➡ Eventually, while many helpful bots float across Instagram, some of which are extremely helpful, the service keeps a close eye on their use. If you would not want to evoke Instagram’s suspicions, it’s best to ignore following these accounts.

Proxy for Instagram


It is clear that you or anyone on your network must have resulted in spamming or other abusive activities that are against Instagram protocol which without telling contributed to the banned of the IP address. If you assume you’re blocked from Instagram for IP, don’t start to panic immediately.

There are options for regaining access to the site for most users. So, it is suggested to use a proxy if you have been affected by an IP ban and consider the above advice and in a flash, you’ll be back again for posting your snaps. For an Instagram Proxy details visit Proxiesforrent.


How to unblock IP for Instagram using proxy?

⁍ Due to an Instagram ban, you are unable to access your account, you have to create a new account.

⁍ If your IP address has been flagged as blocked, it is quite possible that any new account will also encounter an Instagram block.

⁍ If so then a convenient online tool called a proxy is appropriate for you to use.

⁍ It helps to changes your IP address, so your new account isn’t flagged by Instagram.

⁍ You can also create multiple accounts if you buy and use numerous proxies.

⁍ For doing this, you required the best and high-quality Instagram proxies, which are IP addresses that appear like actual desktop or smartphones.

How long does a ban last on Instagram?

⁍ This depends on the number of times you were banned, and what type of actions you did that prompted the ban.

⁍ The period of a temporary ban on Instagram typically varies from a few hours to 24-48 hours. Your follow-up activities also determine the duration of the ban.

⁍ If you continue to do the wrong things, the ban could be prolonged, but if you have a temporary ban for the first time, you need to start behaving.

⁍ You may result in getting a permanent ban on your Instagram account if you continue spamming, massive follow, unfollow or both, and keep on making too many random comments on other users’ images.

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