Privacy and Censorchip- The Difference

Imagine that all those old pictures of you, with people you don’t talk to anymore and the days when you used to get drunk out of your mind, memories of such days that you thought have left your life but suddenly, someone over social media, find those memories of yours. This is like the invasion of privacy.

Learning about privacy, the entire concept of privacy revolves around the statement that it is a state that is not observed or disturbed by other people. It is the ability to remain as you are without having to invade or violate other personal matters. It defines when, whether, where how and to whom it is fine to reveal the personal information.

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It is categorized into four categories: physical, informational, decision and disposition. To put it simply, it is the ability of an individual to keep information about himself/herself to themselves and feel free to be who they actually are.

Over the internet, Privacy is counted to be a major concern like, who you can share your personal information with.
Coming to censorship, it is the act of blocking something to be heard, read or even seen. For example, you’ve obviously heard the TV go beep when someone says something that has to be censored, that is censorship in action. Over the internet, censorship means the act of removing certain content such as text visual or audible which had been either posted somewhere or by someone else originally and if it is content not fit for people to observe.


Privacy and censorship collide in such a way that, even if the content is deleted off the web and it shows you that the post has been taken down unless it has been removed from the server itself it with the orders given by the court, it is said the deleted information leaves back crumbs so as to be accessed if required later.

What is the need for privacy and censorship? Well coming to terms, we need to understand that if the content is something that is not causing a violation of any kind and is benefiting the public in any way, it is completely fine to have it up on the internet. In alternate cases, like for example if it is violating the personal space of any person and causing harm to them and their life in any way, the content should be removed which are orders given from the court itself.

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