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Proxy Lists Types And Benefits For Users

Proxy is an intermediate connection between the client and the server. The proxy list contains the list of alternative internet protocol and IP addresses derived from the proxy servers. There are various reasons for a user to use the proxy, and hence the proxy lists provide the user with alternative IP addresses.

What does a proxy depict?

Anonymity when accessing online services is the need for users. With the IP proxy help, the users can acquire an address for their system and access the internet safely. There are different IP addresses in a proxy list based on the servers from which they are derived. The users can acquire a suitable IP address for performing online operations anonymously.

Why is a proxy required?

Users require to stay anonymous when performing sensitive online operations, either personal or related to business activities. During such times, they require an alternative IP address for depicting themselves anonymously to the server so that their identity is not revealed. 

Various operations such as travel aggregation, comparison of prices, and much more require the user’s anonymous actions. Using the IP proxy, it is easy to hide the identity as the proxy’s job is to provide an alternative IP address. Know more about its types and used for acquiring a suitable address. 

Free proxy list

Free proxies are IP addresses that can be acquired and used for free. When obtaining a free product or service, it is essential to look into the provider’s reliability. Getting a free proxy for the systems is not beneficial and is risky too. Being careful about choosing the service provider is essential as they might spy on your online activities. 

Proxy server list

The proxy lists that are obtained from the same proxy server are called the proxy server list. It depends on the service provider as they use a proxy server of different types. When you use the proxy list of this kind, the speed and size depend on the proxy server. And also, choose the right proxy server list that provides a reliable IP address for your operations. 

Open or public proxy list

Proxy lists and servers are available for employees of a company or an organization. So generally, they are dedicated to a group of users. These open or public proxy lists can be accessed by anyone who requires an IP address. The user can directly access the server itself and acquire an IP address for usage. 

Fresh or virgin proxy list 

Fresh proxy lists are those left unused and are more desirable for new users. It does not bump to the actions of previous users and is more secure and reliable. It does not create problems as of free or public proxies. 

Country or a city-specific proxy list

Using these proxy lists, one can have access to country-specific websites and content. If you are residing in a country or a city and require access to another country’s geo-blocked websites, these types are the right choice.  checkout our location proxies here. ( Please add a location proxy page liNk)

Elite proxy list

These proxies are more anonymous as they do not leave a trace of the servers from where IP addresses are derived. It is suggested for online actions requiring more anonymity and provides the best online access. 

Buy proxy list

Buy proxy lists are those need to be purchased for using it. They are available based on regions, ports through which they can be accessed, and the prototype. The providers constantly refresh them to ensure good quality IP addresses for the new users. 

Types of proxy servers to know

There are different proxy types. And here are the details to promote the wise usage of proxy lists:

Proxy Server

Anonymous proxy

As the name says, it acts as an intermediate layer between the internet and personal computers. It allows better anonymity for accessing content online, leaving your system untraceable.

High anonymity proxy

With these proxies that are elite 1, the server you connect for getting the IP address itself does not know your actual address. It cannot detect if the connection is made by your system to the server, leaving it highly anonymous. 

Distorting proxy

This type of proxy identifies itself as a proxy by changing the IP address to an incorrect one. It helps to hide the user’s location while accessing the internet. 

Residential proxy

These types of proxy lists are specific to a location or a physical device. It helps block unwanted advertisements on a website by the user. Residential proxies are very useful for survey sites.

Datacenter proxy

These proxies are not provided by an affiliated service provider but through a data center. The proxy server exists in the data center, and all the requests are routed through that server. 

Public proxy

Users concerning the cost of using a proxy IP address can go with this type as it hides the user’s identity. They are available free for the public.

Private proxy

Private proxies are dedicated to a client accessing the internet to maintain anonymity.

Dedicated proxy

These are exclusive proxies and also called private proxies dedicated to a user or a company.

Shared proxy

A low-cost proxy is a shared proxy that many users access at once. It is suitable for actions that require accessibility at a slower pace. 

Rotating proxy

These proxies assign different IP addresses to the connecting users offering more anonymity. 

SSL proxy

It provides decryption between the client and the server, and it hides its existence between them.

Reverse proxy

It is positioned before the web servers and forwards the client requests from the browser to the web servers. 

Forward proxy

A forward proxy is suitable for the internet network and sits in front of the clients. It gets data for a group of users in a network.

Transparent proxy

It is identical to the one used with home computers and is transparent, which means nobody knows that a proxy is being used. 

Semi-dedicated proxies

These proxies can be accessed by a group of users, generally three. 

Other proxy types

SOCKS5 proxy

These proxies route the traffic through the firewall and exchange information between the client and the server.

Static residential proxy

Combines residential proxies with the data center proxies’ speed and used for faster accessing.

HTTP proxy

Using HTTP protocols, it processes one-way requests to the web browsers.

Mobile proxy

These proxies are efficient for web scraping using mobile phones.

Web proxy server

It forwards the HTTP requests and is the same as the HTTP proxies. URL is passed in place of the path.

CGI proxy

With web forms, the requests are accepted, processes, and return the result to the web browser. 

Sneaker proxy

It is used for optimizing sneaker’s bot performance. to cop limited edition sneakers!

Suffix proxy

Appends the proxy name to the URL of the content for bypassing the web filters.

Working of proxy servers

These servers act on behalf of your computer and use a proxy to process your web requests. It is a computer over the internet having its IP address, and people use a proxy server for anonymity. It collects the results from the webserver to your computer. 

Proxy services and their benefits

When you use a proxy server, it benefits your company in the best way. Use the best proxy server for your organization. Use proxy from Proxiesfforrent for benefitting the best from it by being anonymous


1. The benefits of using shared proxies?

  • Less expensive.
  • Good with most scraping tools.
  • Efficient.

2. Socks Proxy is Faster and More Reliable Connections?

The protocol was used in earlier versions of those proxies. TCP requires a safe client-server connection, ensuring that all data packets arrive in the same order on the other side too. SOCKS5 uses UDP 

3. Reasons Your Company Should Buy Proxy?

  • Improve Corporate and Institutional Security
  • Carry Out Sensitive Tasks Anonymously
  • Balance Traffic So Your Server Doesn’t Crash

4. Residential Speed of Connections?

All our servers are attached to 1Gbps and 10Gbps connections and we constantly update our networking stacks to maintain a top position in terms of speed.

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