Prevent unexpected attacks on server by using proxy server.

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A proxy server is a server that acts on behalf of a different computer or network resource.  For example, if you have an internet proxy server at work and you click onto the internet, your pc itself self is not accessing the internet – the proxy server is. If you have an antivirus suite on the “internet proxy server” and a website tried to inject a virus onto the proxy they will reject the file even before it hits the terminal because it is acting on your behalf.

There are two types of proxies. First, there are web proxies which have an interactive interface; and second, the proxy servers which work on the basis of IP Addresses and port numbers. Proxies can also be segregated on the basis of anonymity into Anonymous, Transparent and High Anonymous depending upon the amount of privacy they provide. Proxies can access the information from the proxy’s cache to reduce the load on the remote server. They also can make a completely new request, where your information is actually stripped out and replaced by that of the proxy server. The latter is the most common way to surf the web anonymously.

Web Anonymously

An additional advantage associated with the anonymous proxy server is that often those who are tied-down in his or her countries to access the online world or perhaps visiting a number of websites. With the help of several proxy servers located at diverse locales, we can easily often overcome a lot of these restrictions. A proxy server is used to unblock sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr. A proxy server provides security from hackers, thieves. These hackers can access your personal information by hacking your sites.

Speed Up

With a good proxy server, you can prevent this problem. To speed up Internet surfing. If use proxy server, all requests from client computers will reach the proxy server at first, if the proxy server has cached the required resources in its local hard disk before with the web cache function, clients will get feedback directly from the proxy server, it will be more quickly than direct accessing.

Hide the IP Address

Proxy server hides IP address so the client can surf anonymously, this is actually for security purposes. Therefore proxy server is called an intermediate between computer and internet to prevent attacks and unexpected access. With Proxiesforent you no need to worry about hackers be 100% sure with our services.

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