How To Choose The Right Private Proxy In 2021 | Ultimate Guide To Buy Private Proxies!

With the increase in Private proxy services, it’s getting tougher and tougher to choose the right one. Private proxy comes with several advantages, but you can leak your data and face adverse consequences if gone wrong. That is why selecting the right private proxy is a must. Here is your 101 guide to choosing the right private proxy in 2021 without facing many difficulties.

How Private Proxy works? 

A Private proxy is the private IP address that is particularly assigned to one user at a time. It is also well known as a dedicated proxy because no other user can use it other than the assigned user. It gives you much more privacy and entire control over the server.

How Private Proxy works? 

A private proxy works by hiding your actual IP address and giving you a personal IP address not shared with anyone. It acts as a link between the server and your computer while keeping you anonymous and providing you full control and extra privacy compared to other proxies.

Although, many times, there are several doubts about “am I the only user?” Well, for that particular purpose, there are two ways you can make sure that you’re the sole user of that proxy. First, ensure that your proxy provider gives you an authentication system. The one way is to use the password and username authentication to put your username and password, and you’re good to go. The second way is to use the whitelist IP authentication, where you have to provide your IP address to authenticate it.

Types of Private Proxies (Different type of IPs)

Private Dedicated Proxies:

As the name suggests, these proxies only let one user at a time in their provided IP address, making it a little faster and providing more control. Private dedicated proxies safeguard your privacy by rerouting the traffic on the server and concealing your IP address.

Private Residential Proxies:

Private residential proxies conceal your real IP address while making you anonymous and gives you an option to select a particular area wherever you want and use the Internet as a user of that location. It lets one user at a time and provides more privacy when compared to other proxies, which means it is extremely safe to use.

Private Mobile 4g Proxies:

Private Mobile 4g proxies use the IP address of the smartphones to work. It also reroutes the traffic from smartphones that are connected to the Internet. This proxy provides an extra blanket of confidentiality and is a preferred choice among many.

Things to consider before buying a private proxy

1.Security and speed:

The primary job of proxies is to give security only. Choosing a trustworthy service is essential. Make sure your provider gives you advanced tools and options to keep your data secure. Along with that comes speed. Selecting the proxy with incredible speed is very important for further use. If it is not, contact your provider to help you out with that.


The closer the server, the faster the speed. That is why it is best to select a close server as it results in more speed. Also, keep in mind that the location is safe and trustworthy, not risky.


Private proxies are supposed to hide your real identity. Make sure your provides gives you an authentication system. So that if you have any doubts that you’re not the only user of the sever, you can use it. Also, keep it very clear with your provider about the data leakage and how safe is their proxy.

4.Pricing plans:

It’s always best to compare prices before going for a particular service provider. Although, if the proxy’s price plan is higher, it will you better performance than the cheaper proxies. Also, going through the reviews can help you to know whether the service is worth it or not.

5.Customer support:

Imagine you’re stuck in a situation and trying your best to reach customer support. But, they are not responding at all. Seems frustrating, right? Therefore reliable customer support is a must to help you out with any query in no time. Make sure that your provider gives you 24/7 support and is safe is reliable to go for.

Automation tools you can use with private proxies

For SEO Tools:

Private proxies along with Search Engine Optimisation can be used on social media sites. It helps in concealing your actual IP address and bringing in more sales. It also helps you with data collecting from google without revealing your real identity. You can set up several accounts from one site without revealing your real identity, and you can also surf on the net in whatever location you want, even if it is banned.

Managing multiple social accounts:

Everyone can’t manage multiple social media accounts. Private proxies help grow your social media platforms and increase your revenue to a large extent. You don’t even have to think about security as the main job of private proxy is to give top-notch safety only. Keep in mind to stick with only one IP address if you’re thinking of scraping data to not fall into any trouble.

Web scraper:

Using proxies for web scraping works by concealing your real IP address and provides you with its unique IP address. When you apply for a request, the server will address you as the proxy’s IP address without knowing what your real identity is.

Coping sneaker bots:

The private proxies are extremely safe and give you high anonymity while providing you with a secure domain to work with. It provides you with both a username and a unique IP address, along with several locations to work with.

Price scraping:

It is software that takes out money from a particular site and important data and information from the e-commerce websites without their knowledge. Private proxies make it easier and provide more safety by hiding your actual location and identity and keeping you anonymous.

Accessing blocked sites:

The thing with private proxy is choosing the location and keeping your identity anonymous. It helps you get access to all the sites blocked with the unique IP address provided.

Advantages of Buying Private proxies from proxiesforrent

Private and secure:

Getting your data leaked can be your worst nightmare. Private proxies provide a tough level of safety which means no one can retrieve the information you’re sharing. The unique IP address provided will be shown to the site you’re visiting, and your real IP address will remain concealed while you surf the Internet.

Multiple locations:

Well, there may be a site where you want to get access, but it’s not available in your country due to some reasons. And downloading them from illegal sources may cause you further problems. Many sites are not legal in every country. Well, not to worry. You can use private proxies in that case. Through the private proxy, you can get access to them easily by using multiple locations without getting caught. Since your identity and your IP address are hidden, there is no chance of you getting caught.

Extremely fast:

Private proxy provides you with an incredibly fast speed to work with. Since it’s private and you’re the only user, you get the speed rate much faster than the other proxies, which is one of its biggest advantages.

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