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Every Detail To Know About the FoxyProxy

FoxyProxy is mainly a Firefox extension. This automatically changes an internet connection across one or many proxy servers mainly based on URL patterns. The change of the proxy server switching mainly occurs based on the loading URL and the switching of some of the rules they define.

Different features to know about FoxyProxy

FoxyProxy mainly sells fast, reliable, as well as secure VPN and proxy servers in different countries. FoxyProxy is mainly an American company. This mainly provides proxy-related software as well as enterprise-level Proxy services to some of the reputable organizations. This company was established in the year 2006.

A proxy server mainly acting as the middle man between the computer and the rest of the internet. When the user is connected to the proxy server, the traffic mainly appears to come from the proxy server. This mainly hides the user’s real location as well as IP address. This server can provide some kind of anonymity and helps in removing geolocation as well as censorship restrictions that are being imposed on someone. The proxy server is mainly of the below types such as:

  1. Forward: This is mainly a standard proxy category. These types of proxies are the mediator between the computer as well as the wider network.
  2. Reverse: These proxies are the negotiator between the web as well as the smaller group of servers. For example, the reverse proxy mainly acts as a gateway between the Internet and the corporate LAN network.
  3. Open: Open proxies can be mainly accessed by any of the online users. These types of proxies are usually being offered for free.

This particular proxy type is the perfect browser extension in the case of both Chrome as well as Firefox. This mainly offers the functionalities like proxy configuration online rule lists, auto-switching, event handling, and many more.

Top benefits of the FoxyProxy proxy server to know about



  1. The Foxyproxy server mainly helps the users in protecting their important information from getting hacked by hackers.
  2. The proxy server is mainly used in avoiding the blocked websites. In some of the offices as well as schools or in some other organizations they blocked some websites for security reasons. Some of the countries have also put restrictions on some countries. In some of the above-discussed cases, if anyone wants to access those websites, they can do that with the help of the proxy servers.
  3. The proxy server is being used to improve the security as well as the privacy level of the client’s device at the time of surfing some of the different proxies. This helps its users to browse the websites privately. The personal information, as well as the browsing habits of the user, can be kept private.
  4. Proxy servers can be used in speeding up the browsing as well as accessing data.
  5. The proxy servers can also help in saving bandwidth by caching the files or compressing the incoming traffic.
  6. By using different types of proxies to help the user in avoiding the unwanted ads as well as a collection of the IP-specific data.
  7. A proxy server mainly works by caching the data from the websites they mainly access. This implies faster loading speeds for the website. 

FoxyProxy mainly allows usage of the proxies with greater plasticity. This implies that in addition to some of the better-known benefits, which are being offered by proxies like the masking of IP or bypassing the geo-restrictions. 

Foxy ProxyDifferent ways of using the FoxyProxy

FoxyProxy is mainly the popular Firefox add-on. This will help in getting the proxy IP address suddenly. A user might want to surf through the proxy if the same is being blocked by the firewall. In case if any user wants to have access to any website content which is being restricted by geographical location or who are concerned about their online safety, then using this type of proxy server can be a perfect solution for them. Below are some of the ways of using Foxyproxy. Below are some of the ways of setting FoxyProxy in the Chrome browser.

Chrome mainly does not offer some of the basic proxy configuration features on the settings page. Instead, this mainly sends the users to the system-level settings.

  1. After installation of the extension, the user must click on its icon on the menu page and choose the Options.
  2. In the case of the Options window, the user must click on the add new proxy button, which is mainly located on the right sidebar.
  3. In the case of the new window, the user must choose the manual configuration, and then they should fill out the details and their credentials either for the Residential Proxy or the datacenter proxies

Firefox offers its users the capacity to configure the proxies out-of-the-box. This has got some of the automation as well as customization features. Despite some of these differences, the way of setting up the FoxyProxy on Firefox is mainly the same as on Chrome.

Below are some of the ways of setting up the FoxyProxy in the firefox browser:

  1. After installing the required extension, the user must click on its icon in the menu and then must choose the Options.
  2. In the case of the Options window, the user needs to click the Add button, which is located on the left.
  3. In the case of the new window, the user must choose the manual configuration and then fill in all the details, the credentials for the Residential proxies for the commercial center.

Essential factors to keep in mind at the time of using the FoxyProxy

One must keep in mind some of the below points at the time of using the proxy server.

  1. As mentioned earlier, there are various types of proxy servers. One must select the one which will best suit their needs. However, it is essential to note that each type of proxy has its advantages and disadvantages.
  2. If someone is looking to buy proxy servers, they need to buy them from a legitimate seller. Some of them may sell low-quality proxies which mainly do not suit the user’s requirement.
  3. Pricing is another important aspect to consider at the time of choosing a Proxy server. This may not be on the top of the priority list, but this is worth considering. This can be difficult to obtain the free proxy server which mainly works fine like the paid ones.
  4. Before finalizing the proxy server, one may take into account the user’s reviews about that. Researching what some of the other users have to say about this proxy provider will mainly help the user in making the appropriate choice.

FoxyProxy is the perfect example of a browser extension. This can be able to deliver some of the useful features. So irrespective of the type of browser whether it’s Chrome or Firefox which someone mainly prefers, they can easily work with the FoxyProxy. These are some of the important facts to know about FoxyProxy.

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