What is proxy server & how does it work

What Is A Proxy Server And How Does It Work?

Most of you’ve heard about the proxies and the proxy servers. However, if still, you are not familiar with proxies and proxy servers, this guide will assist you to catch up with web technology and look at all the advantages of using proxies and proxy servers and learn more about it.

What Are Proxies?

The web proxy is a kind of intermediary between the web user and the online resource. When you visit the site directly, you go on to send the web request that has info about yourself (that is the server or computer, you’re using, browser fingerprints, your location, IP address, and a lot more). And as an acknowledgment of the data sent, the website resource gives you the content that you may have requested

What is a Proxy Server?

Well, you’re probably thinking “what is this proxy server”? So, as mentioned, the proxy server gives a gateway between the internet and users. It’s a server that’s known as an “intermediary” as it goes on between the end-users and web pages that they go on to visit online.

When the PC connects to the web, it makes use of an IP address. It’s similar to one’s home’s address, telling the incoming data as to where to proceed and marking the outgoing data with the return address for some other devices trying to authenticate. The proxy server is typically a PC on the web that’s its IP address.

Why should you use a Proxy Server?

Now, that you have got better learning and understanding of proxy server and what it’s. But have you learned what’s the proxy server utilized for?

In case, if you’re still wondering about whether or not to opt for the proxy, then continue reading this guide as there are plenty of benefits that’ll convince the majority of people to begin using it and experience how it goes. 

Higher security and More Privacy for you

Proxies may encrypt the data, configuring one’s IP address, which allows one can hide their real location to “overcome” the network without any additional effort.

 Doing so, the server you’re sending the request to will not know the real IP address and your other personal info.

 It will let you avoid risks such as identity thefts & hacking attempts.

Control the usage of the internet

Control the usage of the internet of your children and employees

Parents and organizations set up the proxy server to monitor and control how the kids or employees use the services of the internet.

They may also log all and monitor web requests, thus, even though they may not block the website,they will know how much of the time one spends cyberloafing and whatnot.

Experience the improved speed and Bandwidth savings

Firms may also get improved network performance alongside decent proxy servers.

What this usually means is that the moment when hundreds and thousands of people go on to hit www.proxiesforrent.com at the very same time right from that exact proxy server, a proxy server just sends a request to our website.

This goes on to save bandwidth for a firm and enhances the performance of the network.

How does a Proxy Server work?

Every time you visit the website by typing the website address manually or hitting the link in the browser, you make and submit the web request that is forwarded to the proxy server, which is then modified by the proxy server and encrypts the data like one’s IP address and then sends it to a web resource. 

Later, the site sends the data back to a proxy server that goes on to process it before actually transferring web page info to you.

That way, it operates as the web filter or firewall for people to get just the info they desire to receive.

What are the types of proxy server

What are the types of Proxy Servers?

Whilst all the proxy servers go on to give users an alternative address to make use of the internet, that said one must know there are numerous different kinds- a few of them are as follows.

⁃ Forward Proxy

It’s aptly suited for the internal networks needing one point of entry. This provides Internet Protocol address security for people in the network and permits for direct administrative control. However, it may limit the firm’s ability to provide to the requirements of the different end-user.

⁃ Transparent Proxy

It tells sites that it’s the proxy server and it’ll still pass your IP address, recognizing you to the webserver. Public libraries, schools, & businesses often make use of this for content filtering as they are easy when it comes to setting up both the server-side & the client.

⁃ Anonymous Proxy

This usually concentrates on making the activity on the Internet untraceable. This works via accessing the web on behalf of a user whilst hiding their computer info and identity.

⁃ High Anonymity Proxy

It’s an Anonymous Proxy taking anonymity a step further. This works via erasing your info before the proxy tries to connect to a target site.It’s best suited for those users, to whom anonymity is incredibly necessary.

⁃ Distorting proxy

This server goes on to pass along the false Internet Protocol address for people while recognizing itself as the proxy. It serves the same purposes as an anonymous proxy, however, bypassing a false Internet Protocol address, one can seem to be from a distinct location to get about content constraints.

What is the importance of a Proxy Server?

The Proxies give a worthy layer of protection for one’s computer. They may well be Set up Proxy in firewalls or web filters, guarding your computer against internet threats such as malware and viruses.

A few people make use of proxies for their purposes, including hiding the location whilst watching videos online. For the firm, however, they may be utilized to accomplish numerous key tasks that include the following:

‣ Improves safety and security

‣ Safeguard employees’ activity on the internet from people who are trying to eye on them

‣ Controls the employee’s access to specific websites 

‣ Balances the internet traffic only to prevent the crashes

‣ Save bandwidth via caching the files or compressing the incoming traffic

How to get a Proxy?

For those who don’t know, there are a couple of versions that are hardware-software versions.

The hardware solution goes on to sit between the user’s network and the internet, from where they receive, send, and go on to forward the data through the web. The software proxies are usually hosted via a provider or stay in a cloud.

Often, the software proxy could be obtained with the help of the monthly fee. At times, they are even free. However, the free version tends to provide users with only fewer addresses only and may cover just a few of the devices, whilst the paid ones can go on to meet the needs of the business with numerous devices.

How is the Server set up?

The moment one gets to start with the proxy server, they need to set that up in their computer, network, or device. Every operating system (OS) has its very own procedures of setup, so check on the steps needed for your network or computer.

server setup image

How does the proxy protect computer privacy and data?

The proxy server goes on to perform the function of the firewall and the filter. And the network administrator or the end-user can opt for the proxy designed to guard data and privacy.

It examines data that is going straight in and out of one’s network or computer.

It then further, applies the rules to evade you from needing to expose the digital address.

Just the proxy’s Internet Protocol address is seen via hackers or some of the other worst actors. Without one’s Internet Protocol address, individuals on the internet don’t have straight access to their schedules, schedules, files, or apps.


The proxy server is important, not only from the privacy point of view but also for added advantages that’ve been talked about in the aforementioned pages.

People may look at some of the other options which are VPN but across the world.The businesses online, particularly the ones working in multiple domains, will get greater For More Information about Proxy server and Necessity Of A Proxy Server For Businesses, So, what are you all waiting for?

Give a check and see how it goes.Hopefully, this guide will be of some help and will throw light on the proxy and its advantages.


1. What are Forward Proxies?

The forward proxies go on to sit in front of the clients and are utilized to get the data to the groups of the users within the internal network..

2. What are Reverse Proxies?

The Reverse proxies happen to sit between the network and the multiple other innate resources (internal). The large site might have got dozens of servers, which collectively serve the requests from one single domain.

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