How to setup the SOCKS Proxy server to unblock Telegram?

In today’s world, the proxy server plays a major role in almost every life aspect. Proxies have become the only source to access restricted content from different locations. Proxies have enabled people to access the geo-based restricted webpages with the appropriate identities eligible for access. Not only this but having a proxy server gives you a huge up when it comes to marketing campaigns. It makes its maximum use to automate transactions and build multiple identities to perform bulk transactions.

Proxies are also used to unblock telegram access in the countries where telegram is banned for usage. Proxies also help the telegram users to access content that is banned with geo-based restrictions using the ultimate facility of a proxy server. 

We will show you the whole process below of how can you set up your SOCKS proxy server for Telegram – 

  • Open your Telegram.
  • Go to the menu option and click “Settings”
  • After clicking the settings option, a new tab with multiple options will appear where you have to click “data and storage”
  • After clicking “data and storage” scroll down and click on “proxy settings”
  • Click “Add proxy” in the proxy settings 
  • Click “Add proxy”, you will get the options between SOCKS proxies and MTPROTO proxy,
  • Click SOCKS proxy to enable your SOCKS proxy server which will then ask you to fill in your sign-in details.
  • In the Server fields, type in your IP address provided by your service provider, followed by filling in the port number
  • After that, below you will have to fill in your username and password details set in with your SOCKS proxy server provider.  
  • After filling in all the details, tap on save to save all the details and process forward. 
  • After filling in all your proxy server details, make sure you enable the option of “Use proxy” and “Use proxy for calls”.

This is how you can enable your SOCKS proxy server with Telegram. Telegram has been lately consumed increasingly because of its effective proxy support and access to content. It provides great ease to set up your own proxy server and browse. The above steps could be followed easily and within a few minutes without any difficulties. 

Proxy servers are the best options for using certain social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and many others at locations where these are not allowed to be used. It diverts your location and makes you mask your identity and location with an alternative identity and location which can support their webpage restrictions. 

With huge consumption increasing, there has also been an upsurge in proxy providers, making it to be cheaper in prices. Cheap proxies are rather more effective and efficient to practice all your proxy services. Cheap proxies facilitate easy costs and health benefits. You can avail of some great cheap proxies deals at Proxiesforrent. 

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