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Benefits of proxy server for seo.


A Proxy Server is an intermediate computer server, that sits between a computer accessing the internet (the client), and the destination website the client is trying to surf. SEO’s use Proxy Servers to hide or modify their correct IP. Using a proxy connection, you can hide and encrypt your identity on the web, and even mask your connection by sending it through different servers around the world.

If you access competitor websites a lot for research, their web servers log your IP address and may be able to trace your activities back to you. By routing your requests via a Proxy Server, your true identity is hidden. If your agency manages lots of Social Media accounts on behalf of clients, eg Facebook and Twitter, your agency will be making lots of requests for many different accounts but all from the same IP address.

Social Media accounts

Facebook and Twitter may accidentally detect this legitimate activity as if you are spamming, and so block you. Routing each of your clients Social Media activity via a different Proxy Server makes it look like normal activity with each account’s activity coming from a different IP address.

Google, frowns upon its engine being hit multiple times from the same IP in a short time frame. This places a number of limitations on Search Engine Optimization. By using proxies, your connections are divided amongst a number of different connections, allowing us to complete our function without being detected. By cycling between a number of different proxies Google is kept in the dark about who is actually making the requests.

Proxy Service IP

The single biggest reason that I continue to do business with use Proxiesforent is that their proxies always test clean. This generally means that the IP addresses have not been used for spam or other malicious activity. I’ve never had any issues with them. Click here to check out Proxiesforent.

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