How are residential proxies better than fake IP addresses?

How are residential proxies better than fake IP addresses?

Proxies have been a useful tool for people to automate and hide their presence. People buy proxies to hide their presence and use an alternative one by using an alternative IP address. This IP address is received through proxy servers. People also buy proxies to access location-based restricted webpages. By using a different IP address supporting against restrictions, you can easily access webpages by showing a different acceptable IP address. 

Talking about the Residential proxies these proxies helps you to get a pool full of different location IP addresses. These residential proxies help you rotate through multiple IPs and make you untraceable. You buy proxies and you get a proxy network with millions of unused IP addresses. Even at Proxiesforrent, we try to avail you maximum rotating proxies of multiple locations possible. These Residential proxies are the best way to use multiple IPs in order to hide your presence and also to access restricted webpages. 

Now the fake IP addresses. Just to clear out the misconceptions, there is no such thing as fake IP addresses. People call alternate IP addresses to be fake but it is what is unused. These proxies do come out from a respective ISP and with a legitimate IP address which is unused. Our proxy servers track them and avail it to you. So you are not availed with fake IP addresses, you are just availed with unused IP addresses.

Now why it gets important to buy proxies that too Residential proxies against unused single IP addresses are because with Residential Proxies, you are availed with a pool of millions of different unused IP addresses which you can use alternatively. This leads to minimal to zero chances of you getting tracked. And if you use a single unused IP address, there might be higher chances of getting reported and tracked and soon blacklisted. So it is very much on a safer side to go for residential proxies.

Residential proxies also offer you different location-based IP addresses, so you can access any webpage, website, video stream, or anything restricted without any hassle. You can access all the restricted content using the acceptable IP addresses. Also with Residential proxies, you have multiple IP addresses to automate and market through different IP addresses. You can use it effectively to create multiple accounts for a specific location targeting that location. This will help your marketing campaigns jump to new levels. 

Residential proxies are indeed very helpful when it comes to marketing activities. It enables you to create multiple accounts through multiple IP addresses. It also helps you to reach out to different locations effectively by using that location’s IP address. And also these proxies are compatible with all browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, UC Browser, Safari, etc. So you won’t need any software to be downloaded. You can buy proxies from the best in the business “Proxiesforrent”. At Proxiesforrent, you will be availed with top-class Proxy servers at the cheapest of prices. So don’t wait much, get your Residential proxy plan today by Proxiesforrent. 

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