Web Scraping with Proxies

Web Scraping with Proxies

A web scraping app can automatically load and extract data based on your request from several pages of websites. It is either custom-designed for a particular website or can be programmed to operate with any website. You can conveniently transfer the data available on the website to a file on your computer with the click of a button.

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Why Use Proxies for Web Scraping?

The main advantage of web scraping proxies is that you can hide the IP address of your Web scraping machine. Since the target site you are sending requests to see the request coming in from the IP address of the proxy machine, it has no idea what is the IP of your original scraping machine.

India proxies are frequently used outside of web scraping to get around restrictions on geo-IP based content. If someone wants to watch an Australian TV program but has no access from their home country, they can make the show request through an India proxy in Australia (and have an Australian IP address) to overcome the restriction.

Many large sites have software in place to detect when there is a suspicious number of requests coming in from one IP address, as this usually indicates some kind of automated access – it might be scraping, or something related to security like fuzzing.

The way this rate-limiting program is normally setup, if in a short amount of time too many requests come in from one IP address, then the server will return some kind of error message to “block” all requests from that client for a pre-set period of time.

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What Indian Proxy Do You Need?

Administering hundreds of India proxy manually is untenable, and even using automated software to handle your own pool of computers is probably not worth the trouble. 

As a good “scraping hygeine, you’ll want to adjust the pool of IP addresses you use from time to time, which will entail setting up new server pools regularly.

In general, you are paying a premium to get an India proxy. The biggest advantage for web scraping is that you know nobody else can mess with your rate limit calculations by not making requests via the same IP address to your target website.

Generally speaking, I suggest clients use the cheaper shared proxies, as you can get far more of them at the same price as a dedicated server. Even the chance of someone else scraping the same site simultaneously using the same proxy IP appears remarkably low.

Another thing to remember is how your web scraping software would connect to the India proxy. The two key protocols for connecting are SOCKS and HTTP, but most proxy providers provide all forms of connections, so it’s not going to be too much a differentiating factor.

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