Special Indian independence Day Post


India Independence Day

Are you independent? Can you voice your opening about any subject or topic on web can you raise your opinion about an illegal work being done by ministers or government bodies on the web do you have the privilege to protect you and your family from not being tracked back using your IP address is there any anonymous isp available in your county to raise your voice your concerns even after being 64-year-old India is still not able to provide food for its 1 billion population.


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As we have freedom of speech in the constitution we are allowed to speak but when we speak we might be muted by external agents use proxies protect your identity and raise your voice without being traced back let a revolution begin this independence day raise your voice against anyone who is halting the progress of the country autonomously Wishing each Indian a happy independence day and hope we get a true independence soon.


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Proxies for rent believe in the power of speech and anonymity we believe the power of speech needs to be supported by being anonymous which will help it realize the true potential.




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