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How to accelerate Applications using proxy servers?

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“Proxy” in literal terms means “to act on behalf of a user is an authorized capacity.” A proxy server plays the role of a grand gateway between you and the internet. It is an excellent intermediary server separating end users from the websites they browse. Proxy servers provide varying levels of functionality, security, and privacy depending on your use case, needs, or company policy. A reverse proxy server is directly connected to the Internet which is placed right in front of the machine running the application. It efficiently handles Internet traffic and its communication with the application servers is over a fast-internal network.


The open availability and free access of your real location can be dangerous if it is misused by malicious hackers who keep a track and continuously monitor your network traffic and web surfing. Your IP address plays a prominent role in providing such information. Whereas for people in geo-restricted websites that restrict access and usage of several IP addresses can now access these websites easily with a masked IP address which can support access on the webpages.  It can also be productive to carry out certain bulk and marketing transactions as it offers multiple identities. It is essential to hide your IP address or original location for ethical purposes. This service is provided by proxy servers (proxies) which can be used for many beneficial purposes.



It is a tendency of certain web applications of running slowly at times when the computer is switching among different kinds of tasks such as interacting with users on thousands of network connections, accessing files from various disks, and running application code among others. The application server in such cases may be running out of memory, swapping chunks of memory out to disk, and making many requests wait on a single task such as disk I/O.

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In such cases instead of upgrading your hardware, you can add a reverse proxy server to offload some of these tasks. A reverse proxy server is directly connected to the Internet which is placed right in front of the machine running the application. It frees the application server from the task of having to wait for users to interact with the web app and instead lets it concentrate on building pages for the reverse proxy server to send across the Internet.

The application server now does not have to wait for client responses and can run efficiently at speeds close to those achieved in optimized benchmarks. This adds great flexibility to your web server setup which is why a reverse proxy server is also a prerequisite for numerous other performance-boosting capabilities like Load balancing, caching static files, Securing your site.

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