How can you cURL with a proxy?

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cURL plays an important role in testing the endpoint target setting of the proxies. It lets you transfer data to and from the servers. Using a curled string with proxy helps you to test your proxies and their endpoints easily. It may sound hard to use but it is rather very easy as it just takes a variable in the curl syntax. You can use several variables to setup proxies with a curl in the following way – 

  • Use -x or –proxy command to use the HTTP protocol with the proxy. This will set up HTTPS as the protocol for the proxy
  • You can also set various other prefixes by using any of the other prefixes like HTTP://, https://,socks4://,socks5://,socks4a://,socks5a://, etc.
  • This curl syntax creates a proxy protocol to the one that you specify for the URL.
  • As curl is solely and specifically syntax-dependent, you are not allowed with any user interaction or configuration. This makes you define the proxy you are using in the curl syntax.
  • You will have to follow and use a command then where you will have to enter the proxy information.

Like in the above picture, we have used it as

  • This makes it to return the proxy information and becomes very helpful to reconcile and check whether your proxy is working correctly. 
  • You can also apply the same steps to get data from the Google API through the proxy server where the API will only see the proxy IP address. 

Mainly it is the syntax that sends a request to the proxy IP address with the HTTPS protocol and a specific endpoint. This works only when your proxy IP address is whitelisted in the dashboard.

Curl gives you the best way to check your proxy’s functioning before scraping the restricted data. It is the easiest way to check the proxy’s endpoint setup. You can use curl easily by applying the right syntax with the right variables as per the steps above. 

Curl libraries are mostly seen pre-installed in the Windows and macOS devices. It can be used easily with the proxies and can be very effective to test the endpoint of your proxies. 

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