Difference between Proxy and a VPN?

Difference between Proxy and a VPN?

We all have been hearing about these two tools which can mask our IP address and create an alternate IP address that can reroute us to different restricted websites. Well, that’s true, VPN and Proxies have more or the other the same ability to mask your Identity with a different one. But still, people call it and use it for different purposes why? Because there lie differences between their functionalities.

Starting off with What are Proxy servers?
Proxy servers are those middlemen between you and the web browser which takes your command and represents for a different IP address and requests the browser for that IP address which masks your actual IP address with an alternate one. This is mostly beneficial to access the geo-restricted websites which allow access to IPs of specific locations. So, these proxy servers run on the application level as it only reroutes the traffic coming from single apps.

There are mostly three kinds of proxies –

HTTPS Proxies
SOCKS Proxies
Transparent Proxies
Proxies are generally used for residential barriers i.e. geo-restricted barriers to access websites and applications using allowed IP addresses without any restrictions. It is possible to buy proxies that too cheap proxies with ultimate shield and security features for your IP address. You can buy proxies from Proxiesforrent at the cheapest rates you’ve ever come across for proxies.

What is a VPN?
VPN implies Virtual Private Network which performs almost the same function of masking real IP addresses with a different one but it works on the operating system level. It encrypts the whole traffic between you and the internet. So, with VPN, your internet service provider cannot track your internet activities and you will not be caught under any surveillance.

Difference between Proxy server and a VPN –

Proxy Server & VPN

  • The proxy server encrypts your activities at the application level.
  • VPN encrypts your data at the operating system level.
  • Proxy servers don’t encrypt the whole traffic.
  • VPN can encrypt your whole internet traffic.
  • Proxy servers are way fast with utmost up-time and fast responses.
  • VPN lacks in speed as it has to encrypt a lot and then prepare responses.
  • One can find cheap proxy services easily with ultimate shield abilities and features.
  • Finding cheap VPN is tough as it is expensive than proxy servers.
  • Proxy servers reroute all your traffic for one single app dedicatedly.
  • VPN reroutes all the traffics from all the webpages and applications.


we can say that VPN and proxies are most likely the same but they differ mainly in rerouting traffic as Proxy server reroutes traffic from one single app dedicatedly whereas VPN reroutes for multiple apps. Both Proxy servers and VPN can be effective tools for you to reroute with multiple or different identities without getting scraped. You can also perform various marketing strategies on different platforms by automating with multiple identities.
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