Webproxy sometimes misguides a user that it can act as a classified proxy


Web proxy today is one of the most common proxies, but its name web proxy sometimes misguides a user that it can act as a classified proxy. In reality, web proxies come with a difficulty of insufficient anonymity, this becomes a matter of concern when you wish to post advertisements. Many are of the view that web proxies are as effective as classified for posting ads, but this is a myth. In reality, many get frustrated whereas if you desire to post advertisements and have an easy setup, classified is an option you can rely on, but for this, you have to pour out some cash and have to invest in your very own classified proxy.

Many IP’s needed on a

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This is a common question in the minds of many users. There is quite a simple answer to it –
This primarily depends on 2 factors that almost go hand in hand –
1. Your budget or willingness to spend.
2. Many advertisements you wish to post.
In classified proxy, there are certain limitations regarding the number of advertisements you are allowed to post with one IP address.
So if you are someone who posts an advertisement daily but you post only a couple of advertisements you should not worry much as a single IP will do for you.
But if you daily post as many as 100 or more advertisements you are recommended to shell out some cash for additional IPs.
If we look at in the sense of numbers then one IP is allowed with approx 10 advertisements that means if your desired number of advertisements fall under 10 then you may not need more than one whereas if for say you wish to post 100 advertisements then you require almost 10 proxies for the same.

Posted or Ghosted on classified?

The term ‘ ghosted ‘ has come to the picture which in today’s time many people are paying special attention to.
Ghosted in simple words means your post on the proxy will be seen by you but will not be visible to others, this is a technique sometimes used by rivals to reduce the competition. This is a technique also used by classified to remove the people they don’t want which ethically is not the right method to do so. You will get an email informing and apologizing to you for your post that is flagged. People started constantly checking and ensuring their emails. But once you got into this trap there honestly will be no use of seeking help as you will not get a fit response for this.

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How does it happen

The most common way is you will be offered a URL and post id and if you set the posts URL in your browser your post will get ghosted.
There are certain techniques to fight back this underhand and unethical method.
Firstly make sure to post a mobile number in your advertisement instead of any other number, this is because many companies offer you to change it frequently.
Same goes with the website, use the ones that are free and change it often. Use free domain names and URL redirecting sites.
To make sure you are not ghosted keep checking on your posts and if possible alter and clear all your cookies and java scripts.
Be a little wise, try to duplicate what others posts and its wording and constantly mailing on classified which in turn will not let them ghost you.

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