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Introduction – A shared proxy means a proxy is shared by multiple users. This means if you take a shared proxy it will be accessible not just to you but other people as well. It acts as a buffer between you and the internet. It allows you to surf the world wide web or internet without any tension by hiding the IP address of the user. it helps you to protect you’re location, habits, preference, etc while you are online.
Needs and advantages – Whenever you go surfing, the companies using third party cookies track you on the website. They try to find out where you go ( website ), how you got there and what you did there while. Based on this they estimate what would you like and will further recommendations are received by you.
To have a check on this you need to have a proxy that constantly changes your IP address which will prevent them from getting your information and create a profile under your identity that will be logged in under your IP address.
If you want to see more of the web you must consider buying a proxy that will restrict internet companies from profiling and limiting your internet experience.
Advantage :
You can avail of shared proxy at a relatively lower rate as you not only share a server but you also share the cost.
It also gives you an additional benefit of allowingbuy proxy

What to consider while buying a proxy?

If you are intended to buy a proxy shortly the first thing you have to consider is the cost or your budget accompanied by the type of use you are looking for.
There is a wide range of proxies in this type available with variations in speed, geographical locations, etc. If you are planning to do a heavy amount of work you might consider the above features that you might get at a higher price but are worth every extra cost.

private proxy

Differentiate between shared and private proxy –

While there are many factors where t shard and the private proxy stands far away from each other.

The difference in speed – A shared website sometimes may be overloaded as many users may use at a time so it may reduce the efficiency, but in a private server only you are accessing that gives a huge boost to speed.

 Security threat – There is less comparison of security as in a public proxy many hackers and spammers are targeting your sensitive information, whereas in a private proxy a unique IP that is dedicated only to you will make you sure about the security.

Advertising – In a public proxy you are subjected to many advertising and that may end up with various viruses and spams. But a private proxy stands tall as you are sole decider or controller of your website and this further results in close to no disturbance in the form of advertising and spams.

Cost factor involved – If we consider the cost factor private and public proxies stand at two different ends Where private may provide the above effectiveness as compared to public proxies to you but it may charge you with the cost equally higher.
In short, while buying you must be aware of both you are needs and the amount you are ready to shed out and try to bring them together with the best plan that suits your requirement.

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