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How proxy server works?

Best Cheap Proxy Server

A proxy server is offering a service that acts as an intermediary between two communicating systems i.e server and client. Suppose we have two domain that is and
Whenever a client connects to a proxy server it requests for resources like ask for the proxy server sends this request to the target server to fetch the requested resources and deliver it to the client.

There are multiple proxy servers they have different uses:

Types of Cheap Proxies

1. Forward Proxies:

A forward proxy is the same as above, it forwards the request to the server and gets replied from the targeted server. It established the communication between the client and fetch the resources requested from the client system.

2.Open Proxy :

It is openly available for all user and it is the type of forwarding proxy. users using this open proxy as an anonymous user during there web activity. There are some proxies which work as an open proxy.

3.Anonymous proxy:

Anonymous is the type of open proxy by using this user can hide the origin of IP information.

4.Distorting Proxy:

This type of proxy server identifies itself as a proxy but reveals an incorrect IP address of the client to the targeted server.

5. Reverse Proxy:

It is totally different from forwarding proxy when the client knows that it is connecting through a proxy, the reverse proxy appears to the client as an ordinary forwards those requests to the target server so as to fetch back the requested resource and forward the same to the client.

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