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Why to use anonymous proxies?


An anonymous proxy basically routes all of your Internet traffic through their servers so the website that you end up on doesn’t know what your IP address or location. Your IP address is like your fingerprint on the Internet so depending on that fingerprint, a website can block you from having access to it.  Anonymous proxy servers do not transfer the information about your real IP address. That means you are like a ghost on the Internet. Nobody has even a clue about your real location and thus they cannot establish illegal connections to your PC for information stealing purposes.

Why people use an anonymous proxy server?

IP Addresses

1. You have been banned from a website or forum. They can ban you based on your IP address and the only way to get around it is to change your IP address.
2. You travel outside of your country and are unable to access your own countries’ websites like TV or radio stations.
3. Anonymous surfing guards, you from getting your personal computer targeted, hacked along with corrupted along with destructive scripts, codes, tracking cookies, adware and also other malware.

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4. You work in marketing and want to research your competition and gather information from their website but, because they know you are the competition, they block you from having access to their website based on your IP address.
5. Anonymous surfing minimizes exposure of your individual information by protecting against cyber criminals to monitor your IP and concentrate on your computer.

Cyber Criminals
6. Some just want an extra layer of Internet protection. They don’t like the fact that Google and the other search engines are profiling all of their search patterns and Internet interests.

There are numerous benefits of proxy servers. Proxiesforent services are quite lucrative which allows the securely and flexibly accessing of the internet.

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