Proxy also fulfills other purposes such as anonymous browsing

February 12, 2020

A proxy server acts as a middleman between the web browser and the website, bypassing the request and response back-and-forth in a way to assist users seeking resources from websites or servers. Besides handling requests and responses, a proxy also fulfills other purposes, such as anonymous browsing, domain filtering, bypassing security controls and so on. We will show you the several benefits of Using a Proxy Server.

* Anonymous Browsing: One of the best advantages of using a proxy server is to hide internal clients from an external network. It makes your network ID anonymous as the proxy servers will be at the forefront, protecting your network IP while allowing normal surfing.

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* Accessing websites Protected by ISP or institution: Several schools and institutions only allow access to certain websites. When websites and contents are filtered by the ISP, you can bypass an ISP proxy by setting your browser to use ”another proxy server”.

* Performance: Proxy servers also cache Web pages and provide more efficient web content delivery. This speeds up the process of accessing documents and site contents as it will always look in its local cache of previously downloaded results of all requests like pictures, and other static graphical content. Since the buy proxy server is often on the same network as the user, the next request for that same page can be obtained much faster as it will not forward the request to the external site each time. ,
This eventually improves the performance for end-users.

* Filtering Requests: Proxy servers are used to filter data or requests from external sites. They are widely implemented by organizations or institutions to ensure that Internet usage makes peace with the local usage policy. Authentication can be enabled in helping the administrator to effectively control the content delivered while distributing internet access.

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