Socks proxy was formed with general purpose of establishing a TCP connection

February 26, 2017

Socks proxy was formed with general purpose of establishing a TCP connection on behalf of client with another server to en route and manage the traffic between the client and the server it is connected to .
Version 5 of socks proxy introduced has many additional features for efficient support to security and UDP . For the purpose of security it has also developed authentication process so that only authenticated users are having access .
The SOCKS5 protocol was originally a security protocol established with purpose of fireballs and other security products easy for the users .
In the year 1996 SOCKS got its approval from IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force)international community for network designers , vendors , operators , researchers and etc .
It filters and allows the traffic for having access to content .
Some SSH users provides a dynamic port forward which allows user to create a local proxy , outcome of which is the user is free from limitation of connecting only to predefined remote port and server .
Comparing Socks to HTTP –
Socks protocol acts transparently and informs the proxy software about the connection client is trying to make . However a HTTP proxy directly forwards HTTP request to desired HTTP server .
Though HTTP here have a different usage model , CONNECT method allows forwarding of TCP connections . Whereas SOCKS proxy can forward UDP traffic and also works in reverse which HTTP cannot do .
Lets understand this concept more deeply with few examples
1. James wants to get connected and download a web page from Georges web server , but cannot do so directly as a fireball is present in his network so in order to communicate with server james will connect to his networks HTTP proxy and HTTP proxy further send a HTTP request header and connect to George’s server to transmit back the data it offers to James .
2. Whereas in socks proxy if James wishes to communicate with George over the internet , he will not be able to do it directly as he will be restricted by fireball . So he will connect to socks proxy on his network and SOCKS proxy in return will open a connection through fireball and this will allow communication between James and George .