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Ticketing proxies plan

Ticketing Proxies

  • Most evens outsource there tickets to portals like eventsmart,eventzilla,mybookingmanager etc most of these sites limit the number of tickets you can book per ip.
  • If you need bulk tickets for an event or you need to book for a big group of friends the sites will not allow you we have the perfect solution for you with our ticketing proxies.
  • Our ticketing proxies allow you to change ip and book multiple tickets.

Can you provide Trial?

We provide proxies from multiple isp and different c blocks thereby leaving no trail of the proxies and the proxies are highly anonymous.

What type of Authentication is provided?

We can provide you user id and password based access or we can authorise your static ip to access all the proxies.
Can I test a proxy?

Yes we can provide you a single test ip.But can you mail us [email protected]

What is the limit in the number of connections?

We allow 125 simultaneous accesses.

What all is not allowed to be used with our proxy?

We do not allow any SCAM or Fraud sites to be accesses though our network.

What is the setup time?

Most of the time the proxies will be setup instantly how ever allow upto 8 hours for setup.

Fast & simple

We provide fast and fresh proxy ip

99.99% uptime

We provide 99.99%  uptime guarantee of our proxies ip

Multiple Locations

We provide multiple locations proxy like USA and India

24/7 support

We provide 24/7  technical live chat support and ticket support for our proxies.