Frequently asked questions

Where can I use these proxies?

You can use them pretty much anywhere but please refer to our restricted usage clause for blocked usage. Some of the services our proxies are being used includes Web research, Content Caching, Geo Location By passing and Web Scraping.

What is the Network Speed ?

All our proxies are connected to high speed peering networks, with a guaranteed speeds of 100 MBPS. We are able to upgrade this to 1 GBPS if required and requested.

Can I access all the sites on the web?

No. We allow only a certain websites which are requested by our users. We keep updating this list from time to time. You are free to add any website to our whitelist but this requires prior authorization from our admin. All requests are processed within 24 hours. Please note that we do not allow MAILING & E-Commerce sites of any sorts in our network.

Some of the common allowed sites includes but not limited to

* FaceBook
* Google
* CraigsList
* Yahoo
* And many moreā€¦

What is your refund policy?
We offer a 100% full money back guarantee on our proxies if cancelled within first 3 days. The refund is offered only if there is a service delivery failure at our part.

Are your Proxy IPs recycled?

No. unlike our competitors, we do not sell recycled IPs. All customers get fresh, never before used proxies. This is one feature that distinguishes us from others and the reason why we are able to stand out from the rest.

Is SOCKS supported?

No. We do not have socks support at this moment however we are working on adding this feature in the near future. However, if you require ONLY socks proxies, we can arrange a custom setup for you, if the order is large enough.

What Payment Modes do you accept?

We accept PayPal as our default payment option. We also accept MoneyBookers, Epassporte, Western Union & Bank Transfer. Please contact us for more info.

PayPal payments are accepted from verified PayPal account holders only.

Restricted Usages Include

  • Xrumer
  • ScrapeBox
  • SPAM

We strictly prohibit usage of our proxies for any fraudulent / spam / scam / illegal purposes.